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Denmark, Unique review: 10 out of 12 rapes crimes are committed by immigrants

A unique review of all rape convictions in Denmark over a period of a year and a half has revealed that 10 out of 12 cases of violent assault are committed by foreigners, immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

By – Brünnhilde

“It’s completely horrible. And that clearly shows that something is wrong with some of the immigrant communities in Denmark,” announces Integration and Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg (V) to BT.

The shocking figure is the result of a compelling review that BT has undertaken of all convictions for rape crimes from January 2016 to May 2017. The review is the first of its kind and during the coming weeks, BT will focus on the those who commit rape in Denmark .

Assault crimes in which victims and perpetrators do not know each other or only know each other very peripherally, is the type of rape that receives lower sentences in Denmark. For a period of approximately a year and a half, 10 out of 12 people convicted for this type of rape are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. They originate from, among others, Macedonia, Somalia, Bulgaria, Iraq and Eritrea. All guilty people in cases of assault and sexual misconduct are men, according to the review.

BT’s discovery on the ethnicity of the sentenced person has been based on information in the judgments about the country of origin of the convicted citizen.

“It’s something very common that we’ve seen over many years – crime rates are much higher in immigrant circles than they are among Danes. And when I see these very serious cases of rape – including violent assault – it’s a clear sign that they have not integrated into Denmark. And they clearly also have a completely derogatory view of women if they are committing rapes like they are,” says Inger Støjberg.

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“They do not feel like part of society”

In BT’s review of the rape sentences, it appears that several of the perpetrators of assault arrived to Denmark in recent years, whereas two of the 12 convicted persons stayed illegally in Denmark. On average, they are 23 years old men. About half of those convicted were influenced by drugs or alcohol when they attacked their victims.

In three of the assault crime cases, the perpetrators were serial rapists and attempted to rape more victims before they were arrested by police. A 19-year-old perpetrator tried to rape three women in Rungsted over a few hours. In Copenhagen, a 35-year-old Macedonian was sentenced for assault against a 22-year old and also tried to rape three more in Copenhagen. Lastly there is the case of the 15-year-old perpetrator who attempted to rape six different young girls and women in Lyngby over a 7 month period, from March 2015 to October 2015.

BT has spoken to several experts who give their educated opinions as to why immigrants or descendants are overrepresented in violent crime. One of them is Christian Diesen, professor of procedural law at Stockholm University. He has researched foreigners’ overrepresentation in Swedish rape cases:

“The reason for the overrepresentation is the poor integration. They do not feel like part of society, they quickly feel isolated and experience contempt for society and for others,” says Christian Diesen.

“We see in Sweden, especially among the immigrant people who are accused of rape, that they blame the woman – the victim – calling her a slut and saying that she behaved in a way to deserve be raped, that she was guilty of it,” he continued. “They say she participated in the rape, and claimed she asked for it because she wore G-strings and was shaven at the bottom.”

Christian Diesen also says that, in his research, he has also shown that immigrants and descendants are overrepresented when it comes to rapes where victims and perpetrators do not know each other – or know each other very little.

The same conclusion is drawn from the Criminal Prevention Council’s report ‘Sexual Violations in Denmark’ from last year.

The researchers in the CPC’s report find that ‘the victim’s social relationship with the person who commits a sexual assault is significantly different between persons with Danish backgrounds and persons with ethnic backgrounds other than Danish. The results indicate that the perpetrators with ethnic backgrounds are more than often unknown to the victim, in the sense that they have not known each other for more than 24 hours prior to the incident.”
Source – bt.dk

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