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Defence minister fury over Finland troops' veggie meals

Defence minister fury over Finland troops’ veggie meals

Defence minister Jussi Niinisto says the move “seems to be an ideological decision”, adding “no army can fight on lentil soup”.

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Finland‘s defence minister has said soldiers are being subjected to “forced feeding” after the army announced it would introduce two vegetarian meals a week.

Jussi Niinisto was left perplexed by the decision, which he is understood to have had no knowledge of before the announcement.

He told the Aamulehti newspaper: “This forced feeding seems to be an ideological decision.

“As the old saying goes, an army marches on its stomach.

“No army can fight on lentil soup or cauliflower shakes.”

He told Yle: “Have you heard of proteins? Have you heard of carbohydrates? Conscripts need them.

“There is no need to impose ideologies on conscripts.

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“It is fine if the canteens serve spinach soup and eggs, but not that everybody is forced to eat the same food.”

Mr Niinisto has also voiced concerns about soldiers using their money to buy pizza if they do nOt get served meat in the canteen.

He has asked the army for a report explaining how the decision was made.

The army has not responded to Reuters for comment.

The decision to offer vegetarian-only meals twice a week was announced by the army with the intention of helping the soldiers to eat more healthily and to mitigate the impact on climate change of meat production.

They said it was not a cost issue, as the vegetarian options were not necessarily cheaper.

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