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Croatia: No More Invaders Allowed

No more Third World invaders will be allowed to pass through the territory of Croatia, its president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has announced.

Speaking during a press conference in New York, President Grabar-Kitarovic said that if a “new migrant wave” reaches Croatia, they would not be allowed to pass through.


“Croatia will not let migrants pass through its territory, because the borders of neighboring countries are closed and Croatia needs to protect its territory,” she said.

The president, who is in New York for a United Nations mini summit on the invasion, said that last year, Croatia let the invaders pass to other countries because there were no fences at the borders with Slovenia and Hungary.

Now, however, there are fences and the borders are closed.

Furthermore, she said, it “turned out that over 85 percent of them were economic migrants and not genuine refugees.”

President Grabar-Kitarovic added that it will “be very hard to solve this problem without a common European agreement,” and without an agreement with the countries that have been important in allowing the invasion—a direct reference to Turkey.

“However, we have to be prepared, and not depend on anyone else,” she continued. “We should be ready to protect our territory and borders.”

She also reiterated that the invasion is not a “European problem” per se, but rather one caused and created in the originating countries.

Earlier this month, Bulgaria completed yet another section of its border fence with materials supplied by Hungary. Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, made an official visit to the Bulgarian border fence, which, like his own country’s border, is designed to hold back the Third World hordes still pouring into Greece from Turkey.

Hungary’s referendum on whether to accept the European Union’s “migrant quota” distribution rule is set to take place on October 2, and the latest polls indicate that it will return a government supporting “no” vote of around 79 percent.

“We will lose our European values and identity the way frogs are cooked in slowly boiling water. Quite simply, slowly there will be more and more Muslims and we will no longer recognize Europe,” Orban told parliament last week in support of the “no” campaign.

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