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Criminals Muslim gangs threaten Stockholmers into silence

Criminals Muslim gangs threaten Stockholmers into silence

One third are experiencing major drug trafficking issues. More than half are experiencing major problems with shooting. More than half are seeing problems with automobile crashes, traffic, and car fires in their daily lives.

By – Brünnhilde

These are just a few of the startling new statistics revealed by a new report from the Swedish Crime organization investigating the growing discontent and chaos of crime occurring in vulnerable areas.

The Crime Prevention Council in Sweden, most commonly known as Brå, has conducted a survey on the relationship between residents with the judiciary in socially vulnerable areas of Sweden.

The report is based, inter alia, on questionnaire responses and interviews with residents in socially no go zone areas. The residents explain, among other things, the extent to which they:

* Feel trust in police and courts,

* Are safe in their areas,

* Are willing to call a police officer, point out a police officer or witness in court,

* Experience the impact of criminal or other forms of Muslim social structures in the areas.

More than half a million Swedes live in these 61 areas identified by the police as vulnerable and the report points to several major challenges faced by the judiciary and the rest of society.

The areas in the Stockholm region which are particularly vulnerable are Alby, Fittja and Hallunda / Norsborg in Botkyrka, Husby and Rinkeby / Tensta Stockholm, as well as Ronna / Geneta / Lina in Södertälje.

“Insecurity stands out in these 61 areas. It remains on a stable and critically high level,” says Fredrik Marklund, one of Brå’s investigators at a press conference on Thursday morning.

One-third of those surveyed in particularly vulnerable areas experience major problems with open drug trafficking, more than half are experiencing major problems with shooting and more than half are seeing problems with crash, traffic crashes and car fires.

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Almost half feel that there are people in the communities who prevent others from acting or calling for help when they see a crime being committed or are themselves subjected to a crime. Additionally, the survey reveals that women experience greater insecurity than men.

“At times, there are very few women moving outdoors. Another important result is that housing develops strategies to avoid insecurity in everyday life,” states Fredrik Marklund.

Many residents feel that the police are respectful. But there is a ongoing and growing frustration that serious crimes such as shootings are not being resolved, according to the report.

“And in the case of witnessing something you are not exposed to yourself, you are less likely to testify or call the police. There is a fear of reprisals, both for themselves and relatives,” reveals Fredrik Marklund.

About 70 percent of respondents state that criminals have a negative impact on reporting and witnessing crimes, indicating that there are parallel social structures in the vulnerable areas.

A challenge for the judiciary and the police is to break the negative cycle and succeed in preventing the visible crime and order issues and improving the investigation of serious crime and shooting.

Gunnar Appelgren, Criminal Commissioner in Stockholm and Coordinator for Operation Mareld says the report confirms the image that the police have and the situation they are currently working under.

“In order to succeed in achieving social sustainability, together with other society, we need to earn trust. We must deal with the fatal violence and resolve the shooting crimes. We must use the information we receive from residents to make it effective. We must do very much together with other social forces. There is no single solution,” Appelgren responds.
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Particularly vulnerable areas

Alby, Botkyrka

Fittja, Botkyrka

Hallunda / Norsborg, Botkyrka

Husby, Stockholm

Rinkeby / Tensta, Stockholm

Ronna / Geneta / Lina, Södertälje

Exposed areas

Vårberg, Stockholm

Älvsjö / Solberga, Stockholm

Östberga, Stockholm

Brandbergen, Haninge

Alby, Botkyrka

Jordbro, Haninge

Fittja, Botkyrka

Skogås, Huddinge

Hallunda / Norsborg

Botkyrka Vårby,

Huddinge Husby, Stockholm

Sångvägen, Järfälla

Rinkeby / Tensta, Stockholm

Termovägen, Järfälla

Ronna / Geneta / Lina, Södertälje

Edsberg, Sollentuna

Bredäng, Stockholm

Hagsätra / Rågsved, Stockholm

Hässelby / Vällingby, Stockholm

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