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Create a free zone for Muslim refugees in Sweden

Sweden may establish a free zone for refugees where they will be completely self-sufficient. They may in that event live and work there, without any cost for Swedish taxpayers. It suggests Romer, incoming chief economist at the World Bank.

– The refugee issue is a huge problem, but there are possible solutions. Sweden, a sparsely populated country, would be able to rent a land area of Hong Kong’s size. There could receive millions of people who must support themselves and not have to cost anything.

As a comparison, Hong Kong has an area of at Öland and a population of over seven million.

– It is important then that this free zone shall be counted as an independent unit, with its own laws and rules – not as part of Sweden. Those who live there will not be Swedish citizens, but to live his life completely separate from the rest of society, says Paul Romer.

This means that wages can be lower, longer working hours – and so on. In Sweden should there be strict border control, making it impossible for the free zone inhabitants to move to the other side of the border. They are, quite simply, had to cope financially themselves.

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