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That's what it looks like when the court free Muslim who raped a 13-Year-old girl

That’s what it looks like when the court free Muslim who raped a 13-Year-old girl

Abdirahman, who claim to be 17 years old, was one of four Africans who gang raped a 13-year-old girl in Västerås until her abdomen broke out. Despite the bestial assault, the Somali was released after the verdict of the district court – and just a month later, he robbed a 7-eleven shop in Hammarby Heights. But once again the district court refuses to judge him in prison.

By – Brünnhilde

Free Times wrote several articles about the 13-year-old girl in who was exposed to a bloody and extinct group violence in an apartment in Västerås, after a school termination in 2017.

The assault was so brutal that the girl’s abdomen was spreading. But even after she started bleeding, the Africans continued the group violence, which was also filmed. The film was later spread on social media.

Three Somalis were convicted in April of this year for rape against children of the Västmanland District Court. A fourth rapist completely escaped charges because he was reported to be a minor.

The judgment was appealed and in July, Svea Hovrätt chose to severely lower the penalty for the three Somalis – to four and five months of youth care.

Now one of them is judged again – for a robbery at 7-Eleven on Finn Malmgren’s plan in Hammarbyhøjden in Stockholm.

Following the verdict of the district court on April 18, the Somalis were released on duty,and  one month later, May 25, he hit the shop together with another African.

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The female shop assistant described during the trial that the two masked Africans stormed into the 7-Eleven store. One jumped over the counter and threatened her with a knife. He demanded that she open the safe, but she explained she could not do it.

The change was instead the cash box, which contained barely SEK 7,200 in cash, and cigarettes to an unknown value.

Slipper prison – again
According to the Södertörn District Court, the robbery “for an adult person” would have a punishment equivalent to imprisonment for a year and six months. The court notes, however, that Abdirahman “was only 17 years old” and judges him for youth care, which means that he is placed at a home-based home-town.

There is no “special reason for imprisonment”, it considers the right.

“In this case, the district court opinion is that neither the punishment, the nature of the crime nor the extent of earlier crime constitute particular reasons for choosing prison as a punishment,” Södertörn’s District Court writes in the judgment.

This despite the fact that in September 2017, the Somali, before being convicted of group violence, was convicted of robbery of two Swedes on their Macbook Air computers in Västerås. Even at that time, juvenile care was punished.

Like the other two rapists, Abdirahman has received a Swedish passport and can not therefore be expelled from current legislation.

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