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Children’s Ombudsman claimed that adult “refugee children” were “Fake News”

Children’s Ombudsman claimed that adult “refugee children” were “Fake News”

In 2015, Elisabeth Dahlin, the new child ombudsman, claimed that it was a myth that adult men were entering Sweden pretending to be single-born refugees. 

By – Brünnhilde

Now Expressen has revealed that a large proportion of the so-called “refugee children” were actually adult-aged people, but it is unclear if Dahlin has since changed her opinion.

Elisabeth Dahlin is the Director General of organization Save the Children and was recently appointed by the Government as Child Ombudsman. She will step into her new position on September 17th.

During the fall of 2015, she debated the subject of age assessments with the parliamentarian Hanif Bali (M) in the SVT Agenda. It was then that she claimed that it was a myth that adult migrants pretended to be children.

“Age assessments are a very complex process, and it would be very easy to take this fast option to “X-ray them all “. But it’s a little bit of this “rat in the pizza” question. There are many myths in social media about all these adults who are apparently hiding among the children,” said Elisabeth Dahlin.

“We have been working on this issue for 15 years. Through our local associations and volunteers, we are present at the refugee accommodation each week. If we had seen that there were adults living among the children, then we would have acted immediately,” she said.

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Now Expressen has examined the so-called single-parent children, most of whom are men, originally Afghan nationals and adults. According to the newspaper’s review, 78 percent of the 9,000 Muslim Afghans have their age recorded as under 18 years by the Swedish Migration Board. It is this specific group that the government and the Center Party want to give a new chance with a residence permit.

The question is whether Elisabeth Dahlin has changed her opinion that it is only a myth that there are adults among the so-called unaccompanied children. News Today called the future Ombudsman to hear if she has changed her mind since 2015. First she asked if we could call back, and when we finally reached her again, she refers us to her press service.

We have written to Elisabeth Dahlin via email during the week, without having received an answer to the question.
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