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Putin is trying to destabilize Germany

In a secret meeting with German politicians the heads of the country’s two top intelligence services warned that Moscow is deliberately trying to create unrest in Germany, Bild reports. The meeting, which took place in February with members of the Bundestag control committee, was attended by Hans-Georg Maaßen, head of the Verfassungsschutz (internal intelligence) and Guido Müller, deputy head of ...

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Russia and Turkey Move Closer to War 

There are multiple confirmations today, from sources in Hezbollah intelligence in Lebanon, from Iraq and now directly from Russia.  Sources also reveal that Russia has become increasingly frustrated and impatient with Turkey for that nations intransigence in the face of numerous communications from Moscow. Russia has made every effort to inform Turkey that their provocations in Syria will lead to ...

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Russia and Syria ‘weaponising’ refugee crisis to destabilise Europe

Russia and Syria are indiscriminately bombing Syrian civilians to drive the refugee crisis and “weaponise migration”, a Natocommander has claimed. General Phil Breedlove, Nato’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe and head of the US European Command, said weapons such as barrel bombs have no military value to hit precise targets and instead serve to terrorise those living in rebel-held territories. ...

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New Fighter Aircraft to Expand Russian Air Campaign in Syria

Russia’s air power assets operating in Syria are about to be given a significant boost. The most modern fighter aircraft in service today with the Russian Aerospace Forces will deploy to Kheimim aerodrome near Latakia, Syria. The Russian contingent in Syria announced Feb. 5 that the aircraft, the Su-35S will be place in operation for the first time outside the ...

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Russia and Turkey Head for Clash on Syria Border

AFP/Getty Images Mass exodus from Aleppo, Syria continues amid reports Russians are using cluster bombs United Nations demands that Turkey admit tens of thousands of Syrian refugees Turkey border ‘buffer zone’ could result in clash with Syrian army Mass exodus from Aleppo continues amid reports Russians are using cluster bombs Refugee camp in northern Syria on border with Turkey on ...

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