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June, 2018

  • 10 June

    Egypt monitoring developments in Jordan amid Muslim Brotherhood fears

    Egyptian concerns over the situation in Jordan were manifest in a phone conversation between Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Jordanian King Abdullah II. By – Ahmed Megahid In a statement following the call, the Egyptian presidency said talks between the two leaders concerned developments in the Middle East and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. However, those with knowledge about Egypt’s geostrategic interests ...

  • 7 June

    Western Muslim politicians – Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

    Muslim politicians in the Western world come in two general varieties: those rare ones who are candid about their desire to transform the West in accordance with the dictates of their faith, and those, far greater in number, who prefer to disguise that ambition. The first category includes people like Abdirizak Waberi, a Swedish MP turned Islamic school principal who ...

May, 2018

  • 30 May

    Iran Plotting With U.S. Allies to Skirt Trump’s New Sanctions

    Iranian officials are plotting with U.S. allies across the globe to develop a series a measures meant to counter new sanctions by the Trump administration following its abandonment of the landmark nuclear deal, setting up a global economic showdown between America and its allies over their future business dealings with the Islamic Republic. By – Adam Kredo Iranian leaders disclosed on ...

  • 29 May

    The tragedy of the Arabs

    A THOUSAND years ago, the great cities of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo took turns to race ahead of the Western world. Islam and innovation were twins. The various Arab caliphates were dynamic superpowers—beacons of learning, tolerance and trade. Yet today the Arabs are in a wretched state. Even as Asia, Latin America and Africa advance, the Middle East is held ...

  • 26 May

    Sweden’s MUSLIM will never be satisfied

    Ismail Abuhelal, chairman of the Växjö Muslims Foundation, has launched a complaint, angrily questioning why Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has not yet successfully congratulated Sweden’s Muslims on the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did in Canada. By – Brünnhilde Let’s face it – Muslims will never be happy. They will not give up until they ...

  • 22 May

    Iran Goes Against Russia, Says It’s Staying in Syria

    Iran has rejected its ally Russia’s call for all foreign troops to leave Syria, saying it is the U.S. and Turkey who are deployed there illegally and should withdraw their forces. By – Tom O’Connor In the wake of a 2011 uprising backed by the West, Turkey and Gulf Arab states, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appealed to Russia and Iran to support ...

  • 17 May

    Years of tolerance nurtured Islamic extremism in Europe

    Constantly prioritizing liberal values over national security in Europe has ultimately given a free hand to Islamic radicals, who sneak into the continent unhindered with little scrutiny, said expert Jennifer Breedon. By – Europe Breedon, an international criminal law attorney and expert in extremism studies, spoke in the wake of the attack in Paris on Saturday night, when a knife-wielding ...

  • 10 May

    SWEDEN’S Muslim: “Our mission is to make Sweden Muslim”

    The young Muslims who listened to Dominic Driman were educated in the basic idea of ​​Islam: spreading religion everywhere. It is, according to Driman himself, the only reason why humans exist.  By – Brünnhilde Scroll for video And to the young Muslims in Sweden, the call was clear. They must first organize themselves to make the Rock, otherwise known as ...

  • 5 May

    Russia To Build Two New Nuclear Power Plants In IRAN

    Russia has begun advanced construction on a new Iranian nuclear plant that could provide Tehran with a second, plutonium-based pathway to a nuclear weapon, according to regional reports that have rattled U.S. officials in the wake of a major disclosure showing Iran lied about its past efforts to construct nuclear warheads. By –  Adam Kredo Russia’s state-controlled nuclear agency Rosatom announced ...

  • 1 May

    Netanyahu: Iran lied ‘big time’ about developing nuclear weapons

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday revealed a trove of documents that he says proves Iran previously sought to obtain a nuclear weapon. The international community long ago accepted that Iran sought to build nuclear weapons and imposed punishing sanctions on the country to bring its leaders to the negotiating table. By – Netanyahu’s comments come less than two weeks ...