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August, 2018

  • 18 August

    Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over handshake refusal

    The Swiss city of Lausanne has blocked a Muslim couple’s bid to become Swiss nationals over their refusal to shake hands with members of the opposite sex. By – Bridie Pearson-Jones Scroll 4Video The municipality refused to grant the couple’s citizenship application due to ‘their lack of respect for gender equality’ Lausanne mayor Gregoire Junod said. He said a municipal commission ...

  • 11 August

    Tayyip Erdogan: Turkey is a ‘target of economic war’

    President Tayyip Erdogan denied on Saturday that Turkey is in a currency crisis, dismissing a plunge in the lira as ‘fluctuations’ which have nothing to do with economic fundamentals. By –  Humeyra Pamuk Speaking after U.S. President Donald Trump doubled tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum imports, Erdogan described Friday’s 18 percent fall in the lira to a record low as the ‘missiles’ ...

  • 10 August

    Saudi Arabia Crucifixion: Medieval’s internal matter

    The diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada over human rights violations hit a new high Wednesday as the Saudis began sellling off Canadian assets and the kingdom crucified a man in the city of Mecca on charges of murder and theft. By – Europe The spat started when the Canadian Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland tweeted her concern for the arrest of ...

  • 9 August

    Ottawa mosque loses charity status for promoting ‘hate and intolerance’

    The federal government has stripped one of Ottawa’s largest mosques of its charity status over “activities that promote hate and intolerance,” Global News has learned. By – Stewart.Bell The Canada Revenue Agency took action against the Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque following audits that raised concerns about its roster of guest speakers. “Many of the views expressed by the organization’s speakers are misogynistic, homophobic, ...

  • 8 August

    9 Stories on Radical Islam Buried by Mainstream Media

    During a show about celebrities, a Turkish TV station edited out the cross on Selena Gomez’s necklace. (Apparently, her bare shoulders didn’t bother Islamist sensibilities like a Christian symbol did.) A convert to Islam who was fired from his job as a high school principal in Australia due to suspicions he was radicalizing students is now in a teaching position again at a ...

  • 3 August

    Trump To End Refugee Status for Millions of Palestinians

    Jared Kushner, U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor, has quietly been trying to do away with the U.N. relief agency that has provided food and essential services to millions of Palestinian refugees for decades, according to internal emails obtained by Foreign Policy. By – Colum Lynch & Robbie Gramer His initiative is part of a broader push by the Trump administration ...

  • 2 August

    An ABC To The Quran, القرآن الكريم: A Made Up Religion

    FOR SKEPTICS, PROSELYTES, SEEKERS OF KNOWLEDGE AND FOR MUSLIMS                 (The Quran and its proveably made up religion.)       By – 1000mistakes  Before you start reading: Things are seriously wrong with the Quran and thus with Islam, but remember that most of the believers are just as human as everybody else. International science tells ...

  • 1 August

    Afganistan: Badghis Husband Kills his 9-Year-Old Wife

    A Badghis man allegedly beat and strangled his nine-year-old wife to death on Sunday night, provincial officials confirmed on Monday. By – The incident took place in Kadanak village of Qads district of the province due to “family issues,” a spokesman for the provincial governor Naqibullah Amini confirmed. He said the child “named Samia had been married to (the suspect) Sharafuddin for two years.” “The man fled the area ...

July, 2018

  • 31 July

    UN Compact Cracks Down on Media Outlets Telling Truth About MUSLIM Migrants

    When your policies go bad, you can either own up to them or censor the messenger. The UN is predictably pursuing the latter course while trying to pressure advertisers to stop running ads with media outlets that tell the truth about migrant violence and terror. By – Daniel Greenfield 190 UN states have approved the final text of a new international agreement ...

  • 26 July

    Calls on government to rehabilitate 14 Canadian children linked to ISIS

    A report released Monday called on countries to bring back and rehabilitate children from the so-called Islamic State, warning that otherwise, they could pose a significant future threat. By – Stewart Bell  Scroll 4video The London-based International Centre for the Study of Radicalization said that more than 4,600 foreign minors were affiliated with ISIS, including an estimated 14 Canadian citizens. But only about a ...