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October, 2016

  • 24 October

    Bashar al-Assad’s regime responsible for third chemical weapons attack in Syria

    United Nations investigators have found the Syrian regime responsible for a third attack using chemical weapons as investigations continue into atrocities committed in the country’s civil war. Bashar al-Assad’s forces used helicopters to drop devices that released chlorine gas on civilians in Idlib province last year, according to a confidential report sent to the UN Security Council. Boris Johnson said the probe ...

  • 12 October

    Iranian woman is sentenced to six years in prison for an unpublished story she wrote about women being stoned to death

    An Iranian woman has been sentenced to six years in prison after authorities found an unpublished story she wrote about women being stoned to death. Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, a writer and human rights activist, has been convicted of ‘insulting Islamic sanctities’ because of her fictional story. Under Shari’a law in Iran stoning is the punishment outlined for adultery. The story ...

  • 8 October

    UN human rights watchdog orders Saudi Arabia to stop stoning children

    The United Nations has called on Saudi Arabia to repeal laws that allow stoning, amputation, flogging and execution of children. Children over 15 years are tried as adults and can be executed, “after trials falling short of guarantees of due process and a fair trial”, according to the report by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. The committee’s 18 ...

September, 2016

  • 27 September

    Islamic State ‘Dead Set’ on Using Chemical Weapons

    Part of the Islamic State terror group’s plan to turn the northern Iraqi city of Mosul into “hell on earth” could well include a barrage of homemade chemical weapons. U.S. military officials fully expect IS militants to unleash their chemical weapons arsenal as Iraqi and Kurdish forces advance on the self-declared caliphate’s Iraqi capital. “This is real. They’re dead set ...

  • 26 September

    Syria announces new offensive, diplomats fail to renew truce

    Syria announced a new offensive against rebel-held areas of Aleppo on Thursday while diplomats failed to find a way in New York to revive a U.S. and Russian-brokered ceasefire that collapsed this week. Warplanes mounted the heaviest air strikes in months against rebel-held districts of Syria’s commercial hub and largest city, dealing a fresh blow to efforts to end Syrian ...

  • 19 September

    Palestinians Arab: Jibril Rajoub and the “Merry Christmas Group”

    Jibril Rajoub, chairman of the Palestinian Football Association and a top official of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank, made the offensive remarks during a recent interview with an Egyptian television station. Many Palestinian Christians said that Rajoub’s derogatory remarks would further heighten tensions between them and Muslims. They pointed out that the top PA official ...

  • 9 September

    This is what Aleppo is

    Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson made it clear that he has no idea what the city of Aleppo is, which is rather problematic for someone who is running for president. The former governor of New Mexico was asked Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” what he’d do about the catastrophic situation in the besieged Syrian city. “What is Aleppo?” he responded. Well, Gary, this is what Aleppo is 1. Primary Arena In The Battle For Syria The government of Syrian President Bashar al Assad has been battling rebel groups since 2012 for control of what was once Syria’s largest city and its business hub. None of the international attempts to put in place “cessation of hostilities” agreements have worked, mainly because Russia continues to support the Assad regime with airstrikes. The city is under constant fire. “Death provides a relief for those civilians living here,” aid worker Rami Adham told The Huffington Post earlier this year. “I’ve numerous times people congratulating each other on the loss of certain relatives.” A photo of 5 ­year ­old Omran Daqneesh, covered in blood and dust following a bombing in Aleppo, went viral several weeks ago due to its raw depiction of the suffering residents face day in and day out. 2. Millions Of Displaced People Constant streams of airstrikes and a total lack of food, shelter and medical supplies have turned Aleppo into a totally uninhabitable place. For those civilians who survive the strikes, they’re often required to leave their homes in search of relative safety. Sometimes, military attacks have displaced upwards of 25,000 people in one night. People are forced to move into unstable displaced persons camps, joining the ranks of almost 7 million internally displaced Syrians. The other likely outcome is fleeing elsewhere. Almost 5 million Syrian refugees have already tried to seek safety in countries like Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, and across Europe. 3. Zero Humanitarian Aid The fighting in Aleppo is so intense that all types of humanitarian assistance, ...

  • 5 September

    What Turkey stands to lose in its hunt for Syrian Kurds

    Dozens of civilians have been killed by Turkish fighter jets in the country’s recent intervention in Jarablus, Syria. Turkey and a number of armed groups it is supporting have attacked the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). So the Kurdish question in Turkey has now spilled over to Syria. The Syrian crisis is now a domestic issue for both the Kurds and ...

  • 4 September

    Egypt MP Says Women Must Accept FGM Due to Country’s ‘Sexually Weak’ Men

    Egyptian member of parliament Elhamy Agina has encouraged women to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) to “reduce their sexual desires” to match that of Egypt’s “sexually weak” men, Parlmany reported. “We are a population whose men suffer from sexual weakness, which is evident because Egypt is among the biggest consumers of sexual stimulants that only the weak will consume,” Agina ...

August, 2016

  • 28 August

    Christians as “Target Practice”

    “We will show the Armenians and the Christians who we are… We have been ordered not to leave any Armenians in the area.” — Islamic rebels, Aleppo, Syria. Thousands of Christians are fleeing Eritrea due to extreme persecution. A report describes Eritrea as “one of the world’s fastest emptying nations” and the “North Korea of Africa.” The majority of the ...