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“brutal slaughter” of girl, 21 by Muslim Syrian man

“brutal slaughter” of girl, 21 by Muslim Syrian man

A Syrian citizen born in 1992 was detained today by Eksjö District Court as a suspect in the murder of a 21-year-old girl at a LSS residence in Vetlanda on Tuesday. At the same attack, the victim’s 24-year-old sister was also injured.

By – Brünnhilde 

According to information from the National Register of Records, the man was arrived in Sweden on May 2, 2013. He was born in the city of Al-Hasaka in Eastern Syria – belonging to the Kurdish part of the country.

The suspect and victim allegedly had a conflict about noise levels in her apartment. The man, who lived next door to the woman, is said to have been extremely sensitive to sounds. He is publicly registered to the same property, which shares several common rental rights as LSS apartments.

According to reports, the woman sat with her sister and listened to music inside her apartment during the day of the murder – something that would have rattled the man and led to the murder.

Data from Social Justice from a source within the judiciary indicates the woman was murdered with more than 100 knives. Police who arrived on the scene describe the scene they found as “a brutal slaughter”.

However the police have been very secretive about the circumstances of the case. During the day Social News tried to get an official comment, but neither a station commander in Eksjö nor the police’s press spokesman for the region, East Thomas Agnevik, were willing to provide a statement:

“I cannot comment on anything about this. I really do not know anything about this,” says Thomas Agnevik when we reached him by phone.

It’s not every day that such murders happen in the eastern police region, and you’re the only superior officer?

“No, but I’m only working with current cases, with events happening right now.”

But I’m probably not the first journalist to call you about this?

“Yes, you’re actually the first …”
The arrest can be found at the following link: Eksjö_TR_B309-18_Aktbil_11

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