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Broken nightmare: Lawless no-go zones are forming in cities

Broken nightmare: Lawless no-go zones are forming in cities

From Sweden we have received Ikea, Abba and Pippi Longstocking, world-famous brands. With the potential of equal success, only if it had gone according to the will of the inventors, should have been another Swedish idea: the opening concept of the “Folkhemmet”, the social democratic welfare model “Volksheim” for refugees and immigrants from all over the world. 

By – Brünnhilde

The culturally homogenous Sweden was to become multicultural, decided by its political elite some forty years ago, and borders were thrown wide open.

The grateful newcomers were expected to quickly, and with ease, take on the virtues of the brave, industrious and somewhat boring Northerners, and Sweden, as a “humanitarian superpower” and model of an ethnically and religiously diverse, yet peaceful and caring society, would light the way for the rest of the nations as a multicultural nirvana.

Such are the dreams of the proud social engineers.

Yet it all came to be something of a broken nightmare.

In Swedish cities, lawless no-go zones soon formed in neighbourhoods where migrants gangs battle each other and the police with automatic weapons and hand grenades.

Violent crime, especially those Islamic motivated, is steadily on the increase. More specifically, sexual violence and with it, the rapid growth of gang rape. First and second generation migrants, from Muslim countries from North Africa and the Middle East, are disproportionately represented in all sectors.

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The political-media establishment denies the crashing failure of social integration and perseveringly pursues its quasi-religious project of a postnational, post-religious, multicultural nirvana. Let us provide the perfect example of how serious they are in their naïve and ignorant perseverance for cultural death.

The new recently-elected director of Sweden’s National Heritage Office is Qaisar Mahmood, a 44-year-old Muslim. The native Pakistani is now the head of the office, the leader responsible for the preservation of Sweden’s historical soul: from Viking tombs, runes, medieval churches, folk costumes.

Mahmood studied sociology, was an integration official, wrote essays on “diversity,” but has never in his life, as he himself admits, read a book on archeology or cultural heritage.

Anyone who orders or permits such a personnel decision has a longing for cultural death. Poor, stupid Sweden. 
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