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Borlänge: "Sweden's ugliest town"

Borlänge: “Sweden’s ugliest town”

The town of Borlänge in Dalarna has won the title “Sweden’s ugliest town” in a vote organised by an NGO that works against “the continued uglification of our cities”.

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The vote caused one well-known musician from the town to accuse the poll of fascist tendencies, and of only pointing fingers at industrial towns.

Angelica Ekholm, business unit and enterprise manager at Borlänge municipality, questions whether all the people who took part in the poll actually have been to Borlänge.

“We don’t think Borlänge is an ugly city, we love our city!” she tells Radio Sweden.

The vote was organised by the NGO The Architectural Uprising, which has 35,000 followers on Facebook. Out of over 6,500 votes, Borlänge got the most (1,000).

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