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“Black Magic” made me rape my own daughter

Uppsala Iraqi woman: “Black Magic” made me rape my own daughter

An Iraqi woman sentenced to three years and six months in prison for rape against children as well as child pornography after several assaults on her daughter. The woman defended herself by blaming “black magic” at the crime scene.

By – Brünnhilde

Uppsala District Court judged a 31-year-old woman, a citizen of both Iraq and Sweden, for rape against children and child pornography.

Among the evidence are pictures and films as well as interrogation with the prosecutor. The victim was the woman’s own daughter, when the sexual assault occurred, she was 9-10 years old.

The mother, who has an Arabic interpreter, photographed, filmed and raped the girl. An image, descriped as “abuse image”, shows a situation where the girl performs oral sex on her mother.

During the abuse, the 31-year-old woman talked with an Iraqi man she had a relationship with.

In interrogation, the daughter describes the abuse as she and her mother “did as when cats washed each other” and that they “played hospitals”. The mother poured chocolate and honey on her daughter’s abdomen.

The Iraqi woman denies, however, claiming that the man, by means of “black magic, hypnosis and / or tablet effect” enabled her to do things against her daughter, and therefore “lacks memorials”.

“This effect should have lasted, in principle, from May 2015, when they met for the first time, until the end of summer 2017 when she was baptized and undergoing a purification. According to the District Court, the information is so unreasonable that they can be left unrelated”, the district court writes.

The prosecutor claimed  that the mother had a lot of contact with the Iraqi man during the abuse, but she is of the opinion that the mother knew what she was doing.

The court considers that the woman should be judged as acting intentionally and on her own.

Movies also show how the woman riffs a recording device, a cell phone, so that the girl’s body and intimate parts are filmed and focused.

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If that’s  means, the woman says that, just before the event, “she would have been able to drink something that makes her not remember what was happening,” the judgment says. According to the District Court, the objection of such kind is that it can be left unrelated as unreasonable.

The child pornography must have been committed when the girl was 11 years old.

The woman is now sentenced to imprisonment for three years and six months. She will also pay damages of SEK 175,000 plus interest to the daughter.

In the penalty survey, the court takes into account, inter alia, the plaintiff’s “very low age”. The sexual acts are comparable to sexual intercourse.

The violations should have taken place both in Sweden and in Iraq. The girl has told her mother to film her in the bathroom while in Iraq. Wile staying in the home country, the woman must also have undergone a “cleaning bath”. Despite clear links with Iraq, however, SVT chooses to darken the origin of those involved.

The case was initiated by German Interpol in Interpol, Stockholm, that a man in Germany, the plaintiff’s father, had reported to the police that he had received photos and films of sexual nature with the mother and daughter.

Everything suggested that the material had been sent to the father of the Iraqi man whom the mother later had a relationship with as well as telephone contact with the assault. The man (not the father) is suspected of crimes, both against the mother and the girl, but according to the judgment he is “in all likelihood” not left in Sweden.

Through the relationship with the woman, the man has tried to obtain a permanent residence permit, which she later stopped by notifying the Migration Board that they no longer had any connection.

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