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“ASYLUM SEEKERS” Return Their Homelands On Vacation With Taxpayers’ Money

“ASYLUM SEEKERS” Return Their Homelands On Vacation With Taxpayers’ Money

After the controversial scandal surrounding suspected bribes and purchased residence permits for immigrants, statistics are showing that more so-called asylum seekers are reportedly “on holiday” in their home country. The journeys are becoming more and more frequent according to the German Migration Board, commonly known as BAMF.

By – Brünnhilde

BAMF states that there are now even more cases where asylum seekers are returning on holiday to the very same countries they claim to have relocated from.

Migrants, who claim to be refugees and say they have relocated due to violence and persecution in their homelands, nevertheless volunteer and regularly return to their countries of origin on vacation – with the money they received from the new country’s taxpayers.

But although BAMF knows for certain that there are an overwhelming number of cases, they do not have the necessary statistics to measure the exact extent of the issue. The police also do not have the statistics, but they say that the problem is not isolated, which indicates that it is a very common and comprehensive trend.

German authorities state that there are no clear rules in place to govern asylum seekers, who have already been granted approval to stay in Germany, from travelling on holiday to their home countries.

Those who have an ongoing asylum process in Germany can leave the country at any time, according to BAMF. However if they return to their country of origin during the current asylum process, their residence permit will effectively end in Germany and the application for asylum is revoked.

Last autumn, several cases became apparent where asylum seekers (who already had been granted approval) had visited their country of origin. The government’s Employment Agency became involved because asylum seekers were receiving contributions from social services. You must register for a holiday, but do not need to enter the destination. They will now change the rules so that the Employment Agency will inform the immigration authorities.

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According to BAMF, there are currently no laws that prevent migrants from returning to the countries they have relocated from after they have been granted asylum. Some cases may be accepted as exceptions by the Authority, such as a close relative’s serious illness.

EU rules do not prohibit a migrant from returning to his country of origin. Nevertheless, BAMF believes that holiday trips can lead to Germany resuming refugee status. Last fall, the media revealed the controversy that a large majority of the migrants who received government funds at the expense of taxpayers through a welfare program, were enjoying holidays in their home countries where they had claimed to be seeking asylum from. This led to angry headlines and discontent throughout the German public.

But Germany is not the only country where taxpayers’ money is being used for holiday trips to countries of origin. In Switzerland, thousands of migrants from Eritrea are reported to have received contributions from the state, which they have used to travel on holiday in Eritrea. Nearly 50,000 applications from migrants have been granted approval.

At the same time , EU laws prevent Germany and other member states from expelling migrants, who are supposedly threatened by death penalty or torture, back to their own countries.

In Sweden, the problem of “holiday trips” has existed for many years but no one seems to be trying to hide it. It has become very normal and accepted in Sweden for this type of activity to occur. For example, many flights over recent years have been relocating daily to Iraq. Syrians go on holiday and wedding trips to their home country and discuss it on television.

Liberal Party leader in Sweden Jan Björklund announced a proposal that the Social Council should have the right to imprison families with a ban on expulsion, to stop compulsion and circumcision. Björklund claimed that “when summer comes, there are many families traveling home to the Middle East and taking their underage girls with them to force into marriage“.

It is generally accepted in Sweden that this happens, but no attempts have been made to stop or sanction travels, such as withdrawal of residence permits.

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