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Read more : Sweden: "She was asking for it" Three Muslim gang rape 14-year-old girl in Enköping

Sweden: “She was asking for it” Three Muslim gang rape 14-year-old girl in Enköping

Yesterday in Enköping, the trial of three Muslims suspected of raping a 14-year-old girl began. The attack was carried out on a house roof in the middle of a bright day.

By – Brünnhilde

The attack occured on 29 October, when two recently arrived immigrants Bukuru Beninka Thibault, 16 and Subhi Yaser, 15 got into an argument with their girlfriends and decided to orchestrate an attack together on a female friend.

All three were friends, or at least were familiar with each other because they attended the same school. Thibault joined the victim in the afternoon on her way home and told her that he wanted to talk to the young girl. For the purpose of a private discussion, Thibault had suggested the roof of the youth house closeby that was accessible by a ladder on the side.

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Once on the roof, the attackers moved quickly. Thibault, the stronger of the two boys, tore the girl’s clothes off and began to rape her. The girl was reportedly in severe shock after the brutal attack and could not move. But her ordeal was not over yet.

After the first rape had been carried out, Thibault hid in the bushes and called for two other men, Subhi Yaser and Mohammad Ziadl, to join. The two men climbed the roof where Yaser removed her clothes and raped her for a second time. Ziad did not join in the attack, but he encouraged the rape and photographed the attack with his cell phone.

When the ordeal was over, the girl was left alone. It took several hours before the girl confided to adults what had happened.

After the investigation began, both immigrant boys were imprisoned for a week, but then released to the public. Both claimed they did not do anything illegal and denied all accusations.

After the attack, the girl could no longer attend school. A majority of the population in the Enköping School blamed and threatened the 14 year old. Thibault and Yaser referred to the young girl as a whore and spread rumours throughout the school. According to them, the 14-year-old little girl was ‘asking for it’ and wanted to be with the two men and asked for the third man to record the event.

Eventually the girl entered into some sort of psychosis and she stopped going oudoors.

A senior official of the school took the rapists into special protection and they were offered a new school in Västerås, where the boys can go everyday by taxi.

The boys denied any crime. They told the court that they thought the girl wanted sex. The two are therefore accused of gross rape and the third man is charged with defamation

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