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Berlin Politicians Call Special Meeting Over Fears Organized Arab Criminals Have Infiltrated Police Force

Muslim Arab Gangs Infiltrate Berlin Police

Berlin Police are being infiltrated by criminal Arab clans, claims a whistleblower with 30 years of service in the city’s police department.

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Extended Arab families that control the criminal underworld in the German capital are reportedly sending their members to join the ranks of the Berlin Police. In a two-page letter obtained by the German news magazine Focus, the insider accuses the department of covering up the criminal records of trainees with links to organized Arab crime families.

The whistleblower warns about the threat of bloody gang wars breaking out within the Berlin Police department. “It remains to be seen when the bullets will fly between the colleagues belonging rival ethnic groups. It’s only a matter of time,” he wrote.

The German media reports did not reveal the identity of the police insider, but the authenticity of the letter has reportedly been confirmed by the source within the Police Department. German current affairs magazine Focus broke the story:

The two-page document submitted to the Berlin’s Police Chief was written by an officer of the State Police (LKA). The man, who apparently joined the Berlin Police in 1986, made serious allegations against the Deputy Police Chief Margarete Koppers. In the document titled “When Will the First Bullets Fly,” he described her as someone having close links to Arab crime clans (…)

The experienced officer [whistleblower] warned against the infiltration of Berlin Police by crime clans. “Applicants from crime clans are being accepted into the police force despite their [past] criminal records. The information about this is held back by the Deputy Police Chief and prospective Prosecutor General.

The strongly-worded letter talks about the conditions during the police training. “When women are not accepted as superiors simply for being women; When trainees refuse swim-training because the pool had been used by ‘unclean’ swimmers, at that point the tolerance and Multiculturalism, ‘Welcome Culture’ [towards immigrants] reach their limit.” (…)

The officer ended the letter with a drastic warning against growing conflict between different immigrant groups (within the police force). “It remains to be seen when the bullets will start to fly between colleagues of rival ethnic groups. It’s only a matter of time.” [Translation by the author]

According to German media reports published earlier this year, Berlin’s Arab crime families have been recruiting among newly-arrived migrants to expand their criminal network. “Members of these [crime] families try to recruit them right outside the refugee housing,” Benjamin Jendro of the Berlin Police Union was quoted saying.

While it is apparently easy for these Arab crime families to infiltrate the Berlin Police Department, it is next to impossible for the law enforcement to penetrate these criminal clans. It is “extremely difficult to penetrate” the Arab clans because of their “solid structures,” Dirk Jacob, the head of the State Police (LKA), told German newspaper Die Welt.

These are ominous signs for a country already overwhelmed by unregulated mass migration. After losing control of its borders, Germany under Merkel is set to lose control over its streets.

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