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Anyone can be homeless in today’s Sweden

Nowadays in Stockholm, people are increasingly becoming homeless, and many of them are retirees. Although most of these people worked throughout their lives, there is simply no housing available for them. A simply casualty can send anyone to the street, according to a report from SVT.

By – Brünnhilde

It is SVT News Stockholm who, for two nights in a row, followed homeless retirees in Stockholm.

Among others, 73-year-old “Astrid” has been spending her nights at night-open hamburger restaurants.

She has been robbed several times and six times in a six-month period she has lost her phone. Around the 20th of every month, her pension arrives and she gets robbed soon after.

According to “Astrid”, Sweden has become like the former Soviet states. It did not used to be, but now we are heading for that direction, she believes.

67-year-old Martin, who became homeless after a separation and now uses the public transport as his home, has worked most of his life as an electrician, but due to the extreme housing shortage he is unable to find an apartment.

He also admits that he has been robbed of his mobile phones and money repeatedly.

In SVT’s report to judge, in principle, anyone can become homeless in today’s Sweden, regardless of whether you have worked all your life. It’s not about addicts, but about ordinary people who cannot get a home – because there are simply none available. It may suffice for even one partner to end up in the street.

This conclusion also draws SVT reporter Rebecca Randhawa:

“Most of them tell me that they have worked all their lives. At the end of the fall, they have gone to the cold. It is clear to me that anyone can end up homeless,” she says.

The report also shows that many homeless people are critical of Sweden’s asylum reception, as homes are going to asylum seekers and not Swedes. Several of the homeless people who spoke with SVT say that they will vote for SD for the first time in the elections of the fall.

“Sweden clearly does not have enough resources to accomodate everyone. In fact, one must first and foremost ensure that the citizens in Sweden get help,” says the homeless retired “Stina” to SVT.

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