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Sweden's Center Party: Refugees improve Sweden through "knowledge and driving force"

Sweden’s Center Party: MUSLIM Refugees improve Sweden through “knowledge and driving force”

Sweden should be a “refugee-friendly country”, says the Center Party. It was noted when the party leader Annie Lööf was interviewed in TV4 News Morning today.

By – Elodie Lewis

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It was a wonderful and bright picture that Center leader Annie Lööf painted of Swedish Immigrants on TV4 on Monday morning.

“We believe in the people who come to our country. They have experience, knowledge and driving power. We make a lot of money from them from the first day they get trained and costs are reduced for getting them started quickly.

“We also make money when they learn Swedish, “says Lööf.

According to the party leader, this leads to a better ‘reception refugee‘ experience for new immigrant arrivals, where people get trained up quickly and then become “taxpayers”.

Lööf also wants immigrants to enter the job market more easily and quickly through lower starting salaries and providing apprenticeships, she explains in the interview.

The researcher Joakim Ruist However, earlier this year stated that the average refugee in Sweden has a net cost of 74 000 each year since they arrive , which over the time they are in the country, comes to an immense sum and a huge cost to the public purse”.

Regarding the government issue, Annie Lööf talks of making political agreements within the traditional coalition blocks in the Swedish Parliament.

“We will say no to negotiate or seek support from the Swedish Democrats, so after the election, I think it will be the Alliance as a base party with cross-border talks in focus,” she says in TV4

Source; TV4

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