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Annie Loof has said that the EU is at risk of collapsing

Annie Loof: THE European Union is at risk of “falling apart”

Leader of the Centre Party, Annie Loof, said Sweden and other member states should choose where to invest in the EU and Sweden should only participate in the collaboration that the nation thinks fit.

By – Laura Mowat 

The politician added:“The alternative may be that the EU is falling apart.”

She also said “the issue of Britain’s exit and a new long-term budget beyond the year 2020 will be put in place for the Union’s future direction”.

The Swedish politician said enhanced economic cooperation between the EU countries is a key issue which needs addressing.

Swedish EU minister Ann Linde said: “We want the EU to be developed so that all 27 members have the opportunity to say what we think.”

The two politicians agree on what they want the EU to do in the future, which is investing in growth, research on climate change, improving trade agreements and managing migration issues.

They have said Sweden becoming closer to the EU heavyweights of France and Germany as well as the Nordic EU countries of Denmark and Finland was important.

A journalist, Henrik Brors, at the newspaper Dagens Nyheter has said Sweden wants to participate in the cooperation and pay as little as possible to the EU’s common budget but also have an influence on politics.

Finance minister Magdalena Andersson said Sweden the nation has a “schizophrenic attitude towards the EU’s development” seeing closer cooperation as good between the euro countries but wanting to stay away from power.

Sweden joined the EU in 1995 and has been one of the UK’s most important allies in dealing with the eurozone.

The nation joins Spain and the Netherlands in wanting a post-Brexit agreement which includes both goods and services.

The nordic country will have a general election in September to elect a new prime minister.

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