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Angela Merkel: ‘No-Go’ Zones Exist in Germany

Angela Merkel has admitted the existence of ‘no-go areas’, where outsiders are afraid to enter, in Germany .

By – Virginia Hale

In an interview with RTL earlier this week, the acting Chancellor also conceded that the huge influx of third world migrants who arrived after her decision to throw open the border in 2015 has “raised multiple questions”.

Merkel said she is in favour of a “zero tolerance” approach to crime, telling the broadcaster it is the duty of the authorities to keep people safe because “the state has the monopoly of power”.

“That means, for example, that there are no-go areas … where no one dares to go” said the German leader, stating:

“One has to call them by their name and do something about them.” 

“We cannot just stand by while there are different standards of security in different regions,” Merkel added, noting that her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) would like to see the development of a standardised model of policing for across the country.

The existence of no-go zones in Europe had been a matter of debate — with liberal commentators insisting they were a fiction — even after Breitbart London editor in chief published his work on the subject, No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You. The admission by Merkel is a vindication for Kassam and others who have chronicled No Go Zones and their causes for years.

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The German leader’s acknowledgement of the existence of no-go zones was welcomed in Hungary, where government spokesman Zoltán Kovács noted the nation’s prime minister has been pilloried by liberal critics for making very similar points.

“Prime Minister [Viktor] Orbán has been saying virtually the same thing for years now when urging Europe to make border security the first priority. If we cannot defend our borders and maintain our security, he has said, then our hard-won liberties – like the freedom of movement in the EU – will be in jeopardy,” Kovács wrote.

“That we’re finally calling them by name signals a step in the right direction,” adds the Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy in a blog post which noted how Hungary was attacked by figures and organisations including the BBC for daring highlight the issue of ‘no-go’ areas.

Despite the public broadcaster having itself produced a documentary entitled No Go Britain, which looked at parts of London “where people are just too scared to go – particularly at night”, BBC Newsnight presenter Evan Davis told a Hungarian minister it was “just ridiculous” to claim that there are crime-ridden, migrant-occupied regions of the UK where people fear for their safety.

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