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Alternatives to Sweden: “We want zero immigration!”

Alternatives to Sweden want zero asylum, relatives and quota immigration. This is what party leader Gustav Kasselstrand said in a Youtube interview with the New Times newspaper.

By – Brünnhilde

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Alternatives to Sweden, a political party founded in 2017 by expelled members of Sweden Democrats, started their party so late in the electoral movement in order to achieve a living momentum, just as New Democracy and Junilistan had previously succeeded in creating.

This was explained by the party leader Gustav Kasselstrand when interviewed by Sanna Hill at New Times.

According to Kasselstrand, the biggest difference between Alternatives for Sweden and their competition Swedish Democrats is that SD wants to be part of the establishment, something his own party definitely does not want to be.

“We do not want to be accepted by the political establishment or the other parties. We are a party that puts Swedes’ interests in first place before anything else The Swedish Democrats, on the other hand, cannot be trusted. It is a party that has changed since it entered the parliament. They are power-hungry and drunk with money,” says the AFS leader.

Kasselstrand believes that SD is no longer a real opposition, but it will be his party if it reaches the Riksdag.

Unlike SD, AFS does not want to receive any quota refugees at all. Nor does it want to accept family immigrants or asylum seekers.

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When Sanna Hill asks Gustav Kasselstrand if his party wants “zero immigration,” he answers:

“Yes, zero asylum and family immigration. Zero quota refugee immigration. The immigration wave has been destructive to Sweden.”

Another difference between the two immigration-critical parties is, according to Gustav Kasselstrand, SD has an integration policy while AFS has a return policy. SD also sometimes speaks of relegation, but only for “dutiful” reasons, the AFS leader says.

Furthermore, Kasselstrand criticizes the climate within the Swedish Democrats, saying that while it is probably the most top-ranked party in Sweden, it is absolutely not in reality, he explains.

“In the Swedish Democrats there is dictatorship,” says Gustav Kasselstrand.

According to him, members can only reiterate what the party leader thinks, and that leads to the critical issue that there is no proper debate within the party.

The AFS leader also clarifies that he is opposed to NATO and all interventionist foreign policy. In his opinion, today’s leading Swedish politicians are embarrassing Sweden when they try to be a “moral superpower” with their “superpower suspicion” which leads to them imposing gender policies and other untouched ideas on other countries, Kasselstrand says.

The party leader also commends the influence of social media and says that his party has already gathered close to 2,000 members.
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