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Alternatives for Sweden: “Hundreds of thousands immigrants will be sent home”

The entire state apparatus of Sweden must be mobilized to send home immigrants to the Third World. This was announced by Jeff Ahl during his first speech in the Riksdag (Parliament) since he switched to Alternatives for Sweden.

By – Brünnhilde

“Citizenship is not something that these unfortunate elements can hide behind,” he said.

“Sweden is in the beginning stages of a system collapse. The biggest contributing factor to this situation is mass immigration and multiculturalism,” Jeff Ahl addresses before the parliamentary members.

The post in Wednesday’s parliamentary debate was Ahl’s first after skipping the Swedish Democrats and joining Gustav Kasselstrand‘s newly formed party Alternative for Sweden, AFS.

The Riksdag found that the acute problems facing Sweden, such as the sharp increase in sexual and violence crimes and the overload of health care, are caused by mass immigration from the Third World.

“Increased sexual offenses are a direct consequence of mass Muslim immigration. Immigrants are heavily overrepresented in these categories of crime and not least in the case of group violence. These crimes are committed almost exclusively by immigrants,” states Jeff Ahl.

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He continued:

“A halt to asylum, arrests for family immigration for those who have come from overseas countries and an active and comprehensive return policy must be put in place.”

It is not enough, however, to expel tens of thousands that some parties want, according to the riksdagsman – without society being mobilized “to send hundreds of thousands home.”

“The entire state apparatus must be mobilized to send home all immigrants who commit crimes or abuse the security system of Sweden.”

“Citizenship is not something that these untruthful elements can hide behind. Both residence permit and citizenship can be withdrawn.”

Immigration is “just a part of globalism, which strikes hard against the usual Swede,” continued Jeff Ahl.

“But immigration is the most acute problem that has to be solved here and now.”

He also implied that the AFS is a party “that will never compromise on the issue of return”.

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