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Alternatives For Sweden: We will send home 100,000 of Muslim immigrants

Alternatives For Sweden: We will send home 100,000 of Muslim immigrants

Swedish politicians are making the immigration issue to be much more problematic than it is, according to Alternatives for Sweden.

By – Brünnhilde

The right wing political party, which is rapidly gaining popularity due to its focus on solving the country’s overwhelming immigration problems, has announced that it is possible to send hundreds of thousands of immigrants within just a few years.

The party also wishes to abolish the possibility of legal appeal against a refusal. Illegal immigrants should “not be able to hide,” they explained.

This was revealed when Jeff Ahl, member of Alternatives to Sweden, grilled Migration Minister Heléne Fritzon (S) in the Riksdag parliament in a discussion of how to solve the problems of immigration.

Immigrants should be sent home immediately and it is quite realistic, according to Ahl. The whole “state apparatus” must be mobilized to make it happen.

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According to Alternatives for Sweden, the Social Democrats are “completely hypocritical about the promised rejections”.

“You maintain inefficient systems that allow the consequences of mass immigration to continue. It’s possible to ship hundreds of thousands back home in a matter of a few years, and Alternatives to Sweden is the only party that is willing and able to do that,” said Jeff Ahl in Parliament’s House.

“Both immigrants with residence permits and those with citizenship from the year 2000 must be reviewed and re-examined. The entire state apparatus should be mobilized to launch a massive mass display,” he continues.

Alternatives to Sweden also want to remove the possibility of appeal in a legal process.

“Refusal for those with residence permits should be managed by civil services, and should not be appealed to the courts as of today,” said Jeff Ahl. “Coordination between authorities and, for example, the purchase of orderkeeping services to assist in rejection is in place in order for it to be effective. Rejections should be made within a few days of the decision being taken. No one should be able to hide.”

Heléne Fritzon responded with her own criticism of Jeff Ahl. She said, among other things, that Jeff Ahl had no problems being driven in a taxi by drivers of foreign descent, or having his hotel room cleaned by someone with an immigrant background.

If she was trying to say that Swedes could not manage to drive or clean, remained unclear. Fritzon also argued that Ahl did not address the critical issue, but attempted to bring forth “a new party-political right-wing angle from his new affiliation.”

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