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AFS wants to expel “at least” 500,000 Muslim immigrants

AFS wants to expel “at least” 500,000 Muslim immigrants

Alternatives for Sweden, also known as AFS, have profiled themselves as a return party that aims to solve many of Sweden’s problems by sending immigrants back to their countries of origin. 

By – Brünnhilde

But exactly how many will there be? According to party leader Gustav Kasselstrand, there will be at least 500,000 people as explained to SVT’s Mitt in Almedalen.

Alternatives to Sweden hold squad meetings every day during the political week in Almedalen. The party also publishes comments and other clips from the week on their popular social media platforms.

On Monday, SVT’s Pontus Mattsson interviewed Alternatives for Sweden’s Gustav Kasselstrand and Ilan Sadé, party leader for Civil Society.

Sadé pointed out, among other things, that his party fights for a “more efficient” state apparatus.

Kasselstrand once again emphasized the importance of return. He believes that returning Muslim immigrants is the only one solution that can solve Sweden‘s problems. His party also advocates that all residence permits since 2000 have to be re-examined.

“It’s not enough to simply talk about a restrictive immigration policy. It is not enough to want to stop immigration. In order to solve the major societal problems in Sweden, one has to dare to talk about re-immigration. And not on a small scale, but on a large one.”

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This is, of course, the “only credible solution” to Sweden’s problem, according to Gustav Kasseltrand. Therefore, there is also space for a party such as Alternatives for Sweden – despite SD’s success, he believes.

“SD does not dare to address this issue. We will set up a migration center to see how they came here and whether or not they will contribute. Then you can assess their suitability, which means that a lot of people will go home. Probably at least half a million.”

“It sounds like a cleanup,” noted SVT’s reporter Pontus Mattsson. But that opinion is not shared by Kasseltrand. On the contrary, he sees it as a “realistic solution” for Sweden.

“Certainly, it will be a ‘big plan’ to send home so many people,” says the AFS leader. “But it is no impossibility. The mass immigration, which was at least as large and comprehensive as a large-scale business, was implemented.”

“If you could bring here one million people, it’s clear that you can send home half a million. At the very least.” points out Gustav Kasselstrand, emphasising that his party has a real and legitimate plan to carry out the return.

“To terminate numerous citizenships is not something that the Citizens’ Assembly wants to do,” says Ilan Sadé. “However our party wants to implement “voluntary return” and to ensure that all criminal immigrants are deprived of their citizenship.”

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