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AFS: “There is a transfer in to Sweden – which we intend to stop!”

It was revolutionary mood that prevailed when political party Alternatives for Sweden organized another group meeting on Saturday. This time, it was hosted at Stureplan in central Stockholm.

By – Brünnhilde

“The politicians have turned Sweden into a tattoo owner!” thundered party leader Gustav Kasselstrand.

High energy and common sense are on their way to the Riksdag, he promised throughout the meeting.

Then AFS party chairman Gustav Kasselstrand began Saturday’s square meeting in Stockholm. Even this time, the party had nine-member members in place.

Likewise, prayer calls were met with calls of “Allahu akbar” – in the middle of Stureplan. This was as a protest against the fact that the police are allowing more and more mosques in the country to use prayer calls without consulting with the Swedish residents.

“The first time white homogeneous rich Stureplan hears prayer calls”, writes someone in the commentary field in the live broadcast on Facebook.

When a woman initially tried to disturb the meeting, the large number of spectators howled “PK-pack! PK-pack! PK-pack!”.

“A Swedish tiger not! He breaks away!” said Gustav Kasselstrand before the other two speakers, vice-chairman William Hahne and MP Jeff Ahl, took the microphone.

“It’s only a matter of time before prayer calls will sound from each and every other city in Sweden. There is ongoing extensive Islamization of Sweden,” explained William Hahne and he repeated yesterday’s strong and popular message that Islam does not belong in Sweden.

“There are plenty of Muslim countries that can be the host and it is free to move there,” he continued.

Hahne then referred to the results of the terror council on Drottninggatan in Stockholm.

“We have to stop smoking with radical Islamists! The Swedish state can no longer protect us. They endanger us with their naive stance and attitudes. According to Säpo, there are at least 2,000 violent Islamists in Sweden!”

“The delay and naivety of Swedish politicians expose the Swedes to life danger!” he continued passionately to great response.

“Not long ago, we were one of the world’s best countries. We were known for a safe and prosperous society. The world was amazed at the well-behaved little country in the north,” William Hahne continued.

“But now Sweden is more famous for her rape and terrorist exports! Abroad we are a horror story, an example of downfall! And politicians and the media continue to remain silent while immigration destroys our society!

According to Hahne, immigration has created a demographic change of Sweden.

“It is a people exchange that took place behind the backs of the Swedes,” he said, emphasising the sad point that Swedes could soon be in minority.

“But we’re going to put an end to it! We are the only party that wants to stop immigration and start the return! We will ALWAYS be on the side of Sweden and the Swedish people!” William Hahne thundered.

Then, MP Ahl spoke.

“Islam is not peaceful,” he stated, using quotes from the Quran to provide examples.

“We see how Muslims use pressure on a daily basis against politicians who criticize Islam. We see how they report people who speak out against their group because we use our constitutional freedom of speech! They need to be going out!”

According to Jeff Ahl, Islamists have “infiltrated our society”.

He also spoke of the EU, which he believes, is restricting Sweden’s freedom increasingly and promoting immigration.

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“The politicians are on George Soros payroll!” he said.

“We are going to make the land rich with much energy!” party leader Gustav Kasselstrand continued. “The wind of change is now blowing!”

“Some winter batik witch at the police reported me after yesterday’s square meeting in Växjö. Now I’ve been told that our meetings must be closed down! It begins just like this: stay quiet or we’ll clean out when we get the power! This person will get the message from the authorities: YOU HAVE GOT THE SPARK!” continued Kasselstrand angrily.

“How can the police have the time to entertain a police report against a Swedish political party when they do not even have time to investigate rape? I call it betrayal!”

“These politicians have turned Sweden into a tattoo owner!” he then thundered, pointing out that the politicians’ new talk about a restrictive migration policy is just a distraction.

“Their ideology is power and money! They are ready to lie for you! They are ready to say anything to get your vote this fall! Do not believe a word of what they say! Keep those responsible!”

“Sweden needs politicians who have a vision and a plan to get there! No more empty words without action! And we, in Alternatives for Sweden, have a plan!”

“The only thing that’s positive with the extreme left is that they are getting fewer and fewer. We already have a revolution in Sweden! Because after every square meeting I have ever held, opposition has continued to grow. And I’ve never seen the power that I see now! Something has happened! Now the Swedes are moving away! Yet Sweden is not lost!”

“The conflict of our time is between the Swedish people and the politician’s seat – those who are responsible for how Sweden looks today! Now you see that the Swedes are strong enough to get out and make a change! And you will get it, September 9th! ” he finished triumphantly, calling on all audience to spread the words “Alternatives for Sweden “.
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