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AFS: Islam is not Part of Sweden!

On Friday, Alternatives for Sweden held a protest meeting against the prayer call in Växjö. At Storgatan in Växjö, the party had, among other things, addressed the issue of Muslims wearing the burka.

By – Brünnhilde

Hundreds of people arrived on Friday to listen to the Alternatives for Sweden’s square meeting in Växjö, which was a protest against the city’s Muslims announcing their prayer calls on speakers.

At the protest, as the party meeting broadcasted live on Facebook, there were also many police officers present, including a police helicopter flying above in the air.

During the meeting, the party chairman Gustav Kasselstrand, vice-chairman William Hahne and parliamentary member Jehh Ahl were key speakers.

Behind the audience, there was a large AFS banner and an IS-like flag displayed with the political parties of Sweden and the text “Which Sweden do choose?” which was held by people dressed as Muslims wearing the burka.

“We will hold protest meetings all over Sweden!” announced party leader Kasselstrand.

Then William Hahne took over.

“For us it is obvious that prayer calls do not belong in Sweden! For us it is obvious that mosques do not belong in Sweden! For us it is obvious that halal carcasses, circumcision and sharia days do not belong in Sweden!” stated Hahne in his speech.

“Islam does not belong in Sweden!” he continued.

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Hahne also expressed strong criticism of immigration.

“The best way to become a developing country is to import people from other developing countries,” he said.

Jehh Ahl then quoted from the Qur’an, claiming that Islam calls for struggle against non-Muslims and sees Swedes as “unfaithful”. According to the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament), the Swedes are not even able to criticize Islam.

“Whoever criticizes Islam, gets reported to the police,” he pointed out.

According to Jeff Ahl, Alternative for Sweden wants to “expropriate mosques” and build something else on the site.

“Immigrants who come here to simply live on contributions should be expelled!” he continued. “It is globalists who betrayed Sweden.”

“But now the Swedes are beginning to wake up! And we will go down in history as those who took power, changed and stopped Islamization!”

Party leader Gustav Kasselstrand then took over.

“I have lived in many countries and I have never seen a country with such weak politicians as the Swedish people! There are no people who have been treated so badly in the world by their politicians as the Swedes!” announced Kasselstrand.

According to the AFS leader, politicians are losing power, so they are now determined to censor the internet, where Swedish-friendly views are strong and growing.

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“Sweden is about to become a developing country!” he proclaimed angrily.

“Does anyone remember when Sweden last had any success? And I do not mean hockey – because politicians could not mix in,” he said laughingly to a round of applause.

“The Muslims are sloppy,” continued Gustav Kasselstrand. “But they are moving their positions slowly but surely.”

Soon we will have prayer calls all over the country, according to Kasselstrand.

“Do not trust Swedish politicians! They can change their opinions as quickly as the next day. Now when they feel the revolution from the Swedes, they will try to adapt. For the only thing who drives them, is power and money! They are notorious liars! Out with the old politicians!” the party leader continued passionately to a jubilant audience and some left-wing extremists shouting swampy slogans.

“Our vision is to save Sweden,” he said, pointing out that AFS will be a real opposition party from day one in parliament. “We are common people from different backgrounds. Our goal is to replace politicians before replacing the Swedish people.”

“We will take the role of the failed Swedish Democrats! A party that dares to challenge is needed! A party like SD, who wants quota refugees and integration policies, is not going to change!”

“So spread the word about Alternatives for Sweden! Today is just the beginning of our election campaign! We will do all we can to bring common sense to the Riksdag on September 9!” concluded Gustav Kasselstrand’s passionate speech to ecstatic applause.
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