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An ABC To The Quran, القرآن الكريم: A Made Up Religion

An ABC To The Quran, القرآن الكريم: A Made Up Religion


                (The Quran and its proveably made up religion.)    


By – 1000mistakes 

Before you start reading:

Things are seriously wrong with the Quran and thus with Islam, but remember that most of the believers are just as human as everybody else. International science tells that in times of peace, only some 2.5% of the Muhammadans (the correct name as it proveably is not true that the Quran is the words from a god, and “the believers” thus only are followers of Muhammad, not of a god) are or may become dangerous – namely the 2.5% who accept the use of violence as a working tool.

In this book we will put light on several of the black points in the Quran and in Islam. There are many of them, and some are from serious to very serious, but all the same: Please do remember that the great majority of the Muhammadans are just as human as you and me. They just are mislead by their parents, by their surroundings, by their imams and mullahs, by the Quran and other religious books and medias based on the Quran – ways of misleading Muhammadans name “taqlid” when talking about other religions, not aware of that the situation is just the same in Islam.

Just a few days ago (June 2018 AD) another scientific study was published, showing that across the world 23% of the ones who officially are Muhammadans,  do not believe in Islam. They all the same stay in the religion for reasons from laziness and convenience to fear. We have not seen any scientific numbers for the rest, but a number we sometimes meet, is that 70% (included the 23%) of the Muhammadans are totally ok, whereas the remaining some 27.5% may be anything from slightly sympathetic to “the case”, to active helpers (but only helpers, not terrorists, etc. themselves).

But you should also beware that it will never be possible to get permanently rid of Muhammadan terrorism, until the proofs for that it is not true that the Quran is the words of a god, is thoroughly spread all over the world. As long as people believe the Quran and its strong incitements to apartheid, racism, violence, suppression, and blood ideology, really is from a god, those points are too central and too strong in the Quran and in Islam, for anything else to put a permanent end to it. The Quran’s open rules for dishonesty in words and deeds, enlarge the problems.

There are some problems – and serious ones – f.x.:

  1. It too often is impossible to know who are or will become dangerous, and this costs lives – mostly innocent lives. And this for a provably made up “religion”.
  2. It is totally impossible to know who of the descendants of even the best and most human Muhammadans, who in the future willbecome dangerous – one of them my rape or kill my or your great granddaughter.
  3. Muhammadans – at least 1. and 2. generation immigrants – seem to be over-represented when it comes to crime. F.x. German medias a few days ago (June 2018) reported that in one year (2015-2016 if we remember correctly) crime had grown by 10%, and that 90% of that growth were because of male Muhammadan such ones. There may be a connection between this and the (im)moral codes plus the disrespect for all “infidels” in the Quran.
  4. 2.5% of 1.6 billion Muhammadans after all makes 40 million dangerous or potentially dangerous persons.

There thus are realistic reasons for being afraid. And as it is impossible to know who will are or will become dangerous, there also are realistic reasons for being careful. To prevent is better than to try to repair or try to comfort the victims afterwards – or to try to resurrect the dead ones, adults and children.

One more point: Do not use hate speech or deeds. That is counterproductive, partly because it is so easy and natural for them to dismiss it as “just hate”, and partly because when they dismiss your hate, they automatically also dismiss the rest of what you say or do, included the facts you try to tell them. Instead read this book, read other books, read the Quran (but with your eyes open and your brain and knowledge active), seek knowledge also in other ways – and then try to bring the sad facts about the Quran and Islam across to them in ways they cannot so easily dismiss.

One small piece of advice: The first time you read this book, do not check the references, tables, etc., as this will “chop up” the reading too much, and make it more difficult to get an overview and to grasp the contents. Plan to read it 2 times, and do such checking the 2. time.

And an NB:  Parts of this book are from articles I have had in media or other debates. Because of that some topics will be touched more than one time, but from different angels, and in different contexts. We have left it like this also partly because if you want to use the texts as a kind of “lexicon” – f.x. you want to know more about the topic “Jesus in the Quran” – you shall find the essentials in the relevant chapter, and not have to “leaf” back and forth too much.



Ch.   1   Forword and contents.

Ch.   2   The reason for the reasons.

Ch.   3   The 13 proofs.

Ch.   4   How should we look at the Quran, etc., etc.?

Ch.   5   The Quran, war, terrorism, etc.

Ch.   6   Heaven and Hell in the Quran.

Ch.   7   Are there parallels between the Quran and Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”?

Ch.   8   Go for the root or for the branches?

Ch.   9   The history of Allah.

Ch. 10   The creation and the universe according to the Quran.

Ch. 11   Muhammadan claimed prophets from Adam and up.

Ch. 12   The history of Mecca.

Ch. 13   The history of the Quran.

Ch. 14   The history of the Kabah.

Ch. 15   The history of Muhammad.

Ch. 16   A timeline of Muhammad.

Ch. 17   Muhammad in the Bible?

Ch. 18   Jesus in the Quran.

Ch. 19   Jerusalem.

Ch. 20   Muhammad’s (claimed) Night Ride.

Ch. 21   Muhammad lying in the Quran.

Ch. 22   Lawful dishonesty in the Quran.

Ch. 23   A timeline of Islam after Muhammad.

Ch. 24   Muhammadan wars in Europe.

Ch. 25   Is the Bible falsified?

Ch. 26   The Quran in the Bible? The Bible in the Quran?

Ch. 27   When codes of moral collide.

Ch. 28   Muhammadan mulatto babies murdered by their fathers.

Ch. 29   Slaves in the Quran.

Ch. 30   Women – and sex varieties – in the Quran.

Ch. 31   Halal slaughtering.

Ch. 32   Muhammadan holy site in Jerusalem?

Ch. 33   Jerusalem the capital of Israel?

Ch. 34   Alexander the Great in the Quran(!!!)

Ch. 35   Claiming equality between Christianity and Islam?

Ch. 36   Teaching Bible in schools?

Ch. 37   Some black facts – a short resume.

Ch. 38   The unbelievable(?) Jew + Israel.

Ch. 39   Why do the churches – and media – fail themselves, their followers, and others?

Ch. 40    Ways of thinking.

Ch. 41   A question in a newspaper.

Ch. 42   Some central claims you will meet.

Ch. 43   Why are negative facts about Islam automatically Islamophobia?

Ch. 44   The (negative) Sum of the Quran. A short resume.

Ch. 45   Post Scripture

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