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99.99% of Muslims are Peaceful

Have you ever wondered what percentage of Muslims are peaceful?  Thirty percent?  Fifty?  Seventy?  Eighty?


The actual number is 99.99%!

By – Ed Straker

That comes from an op-ed-writer at the New York Times named Mustafa Umar, an imam of the Islamic Institute of Orange County, California.

Iman Umar, or “Sheik,” as he is called by his congregants, writes how his congregation has been terrorized by Donald Trump.  Women who wear the hijab worry that Americans disapprove of them dressing like slaves and wonder if they should assimilate and dress like everyone else in America.  How degrading is that?

Muslims, who pray five times a day, are afraid to pray in the middle of malls and parks for fear of public disapproval.  Actually, no other religion prays in such public spaces as Muslims do, because other religions don’t want to push their practices in other people’s faces.

President Trump’s “Muslim ban,” which didn’t affect most Muslims, also worried congregants.  So Sheik’s congregation is under a lot of pressure – no one has actually harmed any of them, and no one has even threatened to harm any of them, but they feel, psychologically, like victims.

In that context, Iman Umar writes to reassure us that 99.99% of Muslims are peaceful.  So the 0.01% of Muslims who are violent include only the following:

1) The entire population of Syria, where Sunnis are killing Shi’ites and vice versa.

2) The entire population of Iraq, where Sunnis are killing Shi’ites and vice versa.

3) The entire population of Yemen, where Sunnis are killing Shi’ites and vice versa.

4) Most of the population of Iran, which funds Hezb’allah and is fighting in Syria.

5) Large portions of the population of Afghanistan and Pakistan, which supports the Taliban.

6) Large portions of Saudi Arabia, which funds radical madrassas in Pakistan and other places.

7) Large subsets of the Egyptian population that are part of the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups.

8) Large subsets of the Muslim populations of Great Britain, Norway, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, which behead people, kills Jews, run trucks into crowds, and conduct large-scale rapes.

9) Large subsets of the population of Nigeria that support Boko Haram and large subsets of the population of Libya, which also support radical Islamist groups.

I’m sure there are a few groups I’m missing, like Hamas and the PLO.  That 0.01% casts a wide net.

But I’m convinced that the imam knows what he’s talking about.  His Islamic Center has a long history of peace and tolerance.  Except for this, of course (citations omitted):

Wagdy Ghoneim is a radical Egyptian cleric who was imam at IIOC [Islamic Center of Orange County] until his November 2004 arrest by U.S. authorities for immigration violations.  Ghoneim was allowed into the U.S. as a religious worker to preside over a Texas mosque[] but failed to get permission to move to California with his family, which qualified him as being “out of status,” making Ghoneim subject to deportation.  According to U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Virginia Kice, he was held without bond after his arrest “based upon Department of Homeland Security concerns that his [Ghoneim’s] past speeches and participation in fund[]raising activities could be supportive of terrorist organizations.

Ghoneim was also denied entry into Canada in 1998.  Gerald Belanger, the manager of Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration’s ports of entry operations in Windsor, stated that Ghoneim had been denied entry because “[our] computerized information system indicated he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas – both known terrorist organizations.

Ghoneim led an audience in a song with the lyrics, “No to the Jews, descendants of the apes,” at a rally at Brooklyn College in May 1998.

Ghoneim, the former imam at Umar’s own mosque, must be one of those 0.01-percenters he was referring to.

The New York Times had a starring role in covering up the mass murders of Josef Stain.  Then the NYT covered up the Holocaust.  Now it is providing cover for the mass murdering inclinations of Muslims.  The names have changed, but what the paper does is the same.

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