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Read more: 79-year-old wrote "Fuck Islam" - charged for hatred against a minority group

79-year-old wrote “Fuck Islam” – charged for hatred against a minority group

In Sweden, toilet graffiti is usually seen in schools where hormone-driven teenagers secretly write about themselves. But in the Väla shopping center in Helsingborg, “Fuck Islam” and “Fuck Allah” were covered with red ink – by a 79-year-old man – who was then charged with a ‘hate’ crime.

By – Brünnhilde

Four years ago, the elderly man was brutally robbed by four men of Arab nationality in the city park of Helsingborg – a crime that has never been solved. After the savage attack, the man developed anger towards Islam and started his ‘criminal’ career.

One day in August 2017, the pensioner took a red highlighter, went to the Väla shopping center, and graffitied a wall in a toilet.

He wrote: “Get out of that gang”, “Fuck Islam” and “Fuck Allah”.

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Why exactly the already heavily taxed police was determined to hunt for a toilet graffitier, is not clear from the verdict. But one could conclude through the surveillance camera that the ‘criminal’ had a red marker in his hand and therefore he is now convicted of vandalism and hatred against a population group. Because there are four years between the robbery and the man’s “hate” crime, the Helsingborg District Court does not consider the original robbery as a mitigating circumstance.

“It seems that afterwards he developed a problem with all the Arabs and after the robbery he also no longer continued to sympathize with Islam. He does not really understand what he intended with his action, but he thought that if Muslims would read it, it would upset them,” according to the verdict.

The fine and compensation for damages to the Väla shopping center cost the 79-year-old a total of 1,300 euros.

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