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50% of newly arrived Muslim immigrants lack primary school skills

50 percent of newly arrived immigrants in Sweden do not even have compulsory schooling. This shocking fact emerged during a seminar with Fores, reports Labor Market News.

By – Brünnhilde

It is not effective nor beneficial for the country to bring immigrants into the Swedish labor market.

Sweden is one of the countries that have the least number of jobs in professions that require low or no education requirements. Due to this, the labour market of Sweden does not interact very well with immigration, where the skills are shockingly low.

“The level of education of these groups is generally very low. Half of the immigrants do not even have elementary school skills and today we know that at the very least you require high school skills to have a chance in the labor market,” says Pernilla Andersson Joona, economics professor at SOFI at Stockholm University.

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According to her, the easiest and most effective method for getting new arrivals and foreign-born workers working is to establish different forms of subsidized employment, ie. where the state enters and pays taxpayers. But not even then will the employer be fully inclined to hire if they have to take the responsibility of the employees themselves.

This so-called establishment mission from 2016 only led to 40% of men and 22% of women working or participating in regular education. Due to the asylum wave in 2015, more than 75,000 people are currently now enrolled in the Employment Agency’s various activities within the establishment mission.

One way to get more immigrants into work could be increased incentives for participating in language education. For example, those who learn the language quickly could get a reward, a common technique used in other countries.

Among people born in Sweden, unemployment is currently very low at 4 percent, while among foreigners it is approximately 21 percent. In particular, some immigrant groups suffer from an even higher level of unemployment.

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