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4chan Launches “Operation Swedistan”

Hot off the heels of their stunningly successful It’s Ok To Be White campaign. Which managed to stir up both outrage and national media attention in multiple countries round the world. 4chan’s infamous politically incorrect board has now seemingly moved on to their next example of expert level political trolling. Their target this time? The never ending joke that is modern Sweden.

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Operation Swedistan as users have taken to calling it, follows the usual 4chan strategy of attempting to trick extremist liberals into siding with a progressive cause that would seem ridiculous or even outright appalling to the average person. In this case the goal is simple, convince Sweden to change its flag design. More specifically, to remove the Christian cross and install an Islamic crescent in its place.

To be clear, no one involved expects or or wants this to actually happen obviously. But if even one actual Swedish official is perceived to, for even for a moment actually consider implementing such a change. The hope is that will be enough to upset what the operations organizers refer to as the “left-leaning normie” masses. A full rundown of the basic strategy can be seen here below.


Just like previous campaigns launched by the controversial website, such as their efforts to encourage the NFL to take on a transgender cheerleader. This new operation has already spawned a number of images and other memes meant to inspire the desired sympathetic response from those on the left.

So what inspired this latest bit of political deviousness? With the It’s Ok To Be White signs the whole thing was kick started when a lone similar poster triggered a formal police investigation in Boston. With the cheerleader campaign, it was obviously a byproduct of the ongoing NFL/National Anthem issues. While not quite as topical as those, this latest effort is actually the byproduct of two developments in the increasingly Muslim European country.

The first was that some Swedish public schools have started to ban their own national flag from being flown on school grounds as it is considered potentially “offensive against ethnic groups.” Some even argued that the flying of the Swedish flag could potentially constitute a “hate speech” crime under Swedish law. While at the time, this had mostly just been laughed at and forgotten by most. It was more recently brought back to people’s attention when a Swedish court ruled in favor of the right to fly the ISIS flag in the country, as it apparently unlike their own flag “is not an expression of disrespect to any ethnic group.”

A formal mass petition to the Swedish Prime Minister has also been launched sitting at over 2,300 signatures in less than 24 hours time already. Among other things it states the following.

“The Swedish flag is a constant reminder of our dark and oppressive past. Refugees and migrants are forced to live under its Christian Cross; a symbol of the Crusades and the slaughter of millions of innocent Islamic lives in Sweden’s past that makes them feel unwelcome and unsafe. Sweden should be a safe space for everyone. As our outdated national symbol gradually becomes the banner of Xenophobic and racist extremist groups, we must think into the future. A future of peace, understanding and tolerance.”

If you want to see for yourself, or even lend your support to the petition you can do so here. But remember the idea is mainly for it to be actual Swedish residents signing.

Always wanting to improve the effectiveness of their plots, the users over at /pol/ have taken things to the next level this time. With fake but rather believable news stories being created in the hopes, these images will be spread around on popular left leaning social media platforms like Tumblr and Twitter, thus encouraging a real movement to gather round the concept.

While obviously the hope is that such a movement if it actually manifested would only serve to unify the saner elements in Sweden to actually start questioning the Islamification of their country. Some have obviously dared asked the question. With Sweden so increasingly crazy these days, what if they just actually did it? As this one Norwegian user wisely pointed regarding this question though, if that were to happen all it would indicate is that Sweden had already been truly lost to begin with.

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