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READ MORE: 41 Swedish ISIS terrorists captured live in Syria

41 Swedish ISIS terrorists captured live in Syria

As many as 41 IS terrorists with Sweden citizenship or holders of residence permits in Sweden are currently being detained in Syria, a source reveals to the news agency TT. 

By – Brünnhilde

These terrorists have been identified as the most dangerous of those who have traveled from Sweden.

The Kuridish source reveals that there are 41 IS terrorists linked to Sweden, either through citizenship or residence permits, detained by Kurdish forces in Syria.

Five of these people previously held key and high-ranking positions in Islamic State, one of whom is primarily responsible for the propaganda of the terrorist movement.

The question that has already arisen is whether Sweden will take back these people, and attempt to bring them to justice here.

Left-wing leader Jonas Sjöstedt is one of those who demanded that all IS terrorists from Sweden who have been captured, should be brought to Sweden and “punished” with punishment sentences under Swedish law instead of the sanctions that otherwise risk being expelled to the Arab world.

But there is a major problem in bringing the terrorists back to Sweden. Partly, it can be harder to estabalish proof that they were guilty of their crimes, along with the shocking fact that Sweden has no law prohibiting cooperation with terrorist groups. It is clear that the country is unprepared to deal with the terrorists.

Of the approximately 150 IS terrorists who have so far returned to Sweden, only a small number have been brought to justice.

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According to TT’s source, there is now a dialogue between Swedish and Kurdish representatives, although the communication remains at a so-called low level. But the Foreign Ministry has yet to comment on the situation.

“The problem is that nobody wants to be responsible for holding the prisoners. In Swedish prisons, they will without a doubt continue to spread their propaganda and possibly attract even more followers. These are key people who are deadly ticking bombs,” says the source, which provides close insights from the Kurdish administration in the area, to TT.

The Kurdish source, at the same time, states that it is not the Kurds’ task to handle the arrested terrorists, and that Sweden has better opportunities and resources to prosecute the people. In addition, the prisoners can reveal or confess valuable information, emphasises the source.

Terrorist expert Magnus Ranstorp confirms to TT that those who are now captured in Syria are the most dangerous of the approximately 300 people who traveled from Sweden to join Islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East. According to the Swedish expert, there is a very high risk that these people will acquire a “rock star status” among followers, which is a serious problem.

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