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"I get help with food from the kids" Photo: SVT

30 percent of northern Sweden pensioners are poor

Wile millones go on Muslim refugees The number of poor pensioners in Sweden is growing. In several municipalities in the northern parts of the country, more than 30 percent retirement is a poorer, SVT reports.


To be considered a poorer, it is necessary for the person to have an income lower than SEK 12,100 per month or SEK 9,000 net.

In May, we reported that almost every fifth Swedish is a poor pensioner.

On average, 18.2 percent of 65 years of age or older lived below the poverty line 2015.

And that figure rises fast. The year before, the proportion was 16.5 percent, and in 2005 only 10.1 percent of pensioners lived below the poverty line.

But in some municipalities it is even worse than the average.

In Åsele municipality in Västerbotten County, 28.7 per cent are poor pensioners.

According to SVT, it is similar in all of the inland municipalities in Västerbotten.

In Vilhelmina, 27.8 percent of all pensioners are poor pensioners. In Storuman, the figure is 27.7 percent, in Sorsele 27.6 percent, in Bjurholm 26 percent, in Norsjö 24.1 percent, in Malå 24.9 percent, in Robertsfors 21.6 percent and in Northern Paint 20.9 percent.

– That’s scary numbers. I could not handle $ 9,000 net. But the pension is a state issue. Locally we can not do much for the poor pensioners, says Åke Nilsson (S), municipal council in Vilhelmina, to SVT Nyheter Västerbotten.

According to SVT, the number of poor pensioners in Västerbotten is “fast” and some are forced to survive by feeding their children. The country has “thousands of poor pensioners”, it’s called.

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