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READ MORE: 23 Swedish municipalities give social security money to illegal immigrants

23 Swedish municipalities give social security money to illegal immigrants

At least 23 of Sweden’s municipalities pay social contributions to immigrants who are not entitled to stay in the country. This was discovered by a survey conducted by SVT News.

By – Brünnhilde

Last year, approximately every tenth municipality in Sweden paid out financial assistance to illegal immigrants, according to the new survey.

Out of Sweden’s 290 municipalities, just over 84 percent of the municipalities, 244, responded to the survey by SVT.

Of these, 23 municipalities said they paid out support for illegal immigrants last year.

According to legal guidelines, municipalities are not required to pay assistance to illegal immigrants or persons without a residence permit. However they are able to do so if they desire.

These payments can be classified as emergency aid, i.e. emergency money for families with children. But there are also many case examples where social contributions are paid out over a long period time. In Stockholm there are 10 such cases, in Malmö, 150 cases. In both municipalities, the Social Democrats are in control.

“The parents of these children have made a choice to stay, we do not know for how long, but this is something the child has no control over and therefore the children should not be affected by the parents’ decision,” says Åsa Lindhagen (MP), Social Council in Stockholm, to SVT.

“We will not have children in Stockholm who could freeze when it’s cold or be worried about not having dinner on the table.”

Anna-Lena Sörensen, spokesman for Social Democrats in Social Affairs, shares this view and says that children should not live in neglectful conditions, regardless of whether or not they are living illegally here.

But moderators have responded by stating that they want to stop long-term contributions altogether. Those who have received a rejection will be left ,no choice but to leave the country, and if they are being paid social benefits, they will receive double the notices to leave, according to the party leader Ulf Kristersson.

The municipalities that paid out support for illegal immigrants last year were as follows: Boden, Botkyrka, Gotland, Gothenburg, Hässleholm, Karlskoga, Karlskrona, Landskrona, Malmö, Malung, Mönsterås, Ronneby, Sigtuna, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Sunne, Trollhättan, Ulricehamn, Vadstena, Vara, Vimmerby, Ödeshög, Östra Göinge.

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