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2017 Has Seen a Terror Attack Attempted in Europe Every Nine Days

Europe, the United Kingdom, and Russia have witnessed terror attacks or attempted attacks every nine days in 2017 on average, analysis of security incidents has revealed.

Via:  Raheem Kassam and Victoria Friedman                       

Since January, around 52 people have been killed by mostly Islamic terrorists, while almost 250 have been injured. The only known incident not linked to jihadism in 2017 was the attack on the Borussia Dortmund soccer team by a Russian-German national attempting to profit from short-selling stock in the company.

Attacks and attempted attacks have taken place in Austria, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Germany.

Security services in Britain — population 65 million — believe there to be around 23,000 potential terror suspects or persons posing a threat. Meanwhile Belgium, with its population of just 12 million, is officially tracking around 18,000 potential jihadists, though this number has not been updated in some time.

A further minimum of 14 terror attacks have occurred in Turkey in 2017, a NATO member country currently being considered for European Union membership.

Note: This post has been updated to reflect the London Bridge attack as well as the attempted Notre Dame hammer attack.


Date Location Result Attacker(s) Fate of Attacker
20 January 2017 Austria foiled arrested
3 February 2017 Paris, France executed Abdullah Reda Refaie al-Hamahmy arrested
10 February 2017 Paris, France foiled four arrests including 16yo girl arrested
18 March 2017 Garges-lès-Gonesse and Orly Airport Paris, France attempted Ziyed Ben Belgacem dead
22 March 2017 Westminster, London executed Khalid Masood dead
23 March 2017 Antwerp, Belgium attempted Mohamed R. arrested
30 March 2017 Venice, Italy foiled three men and an unidentified minor arrested
3 April 2017 St. Petersburg, Russia executed Akbarzhon Jalilov dead
7 April 2017 Stockholm, Sweden executed Rakhmat Akilov apprehended
8 April 2017 Grønland, Oslo, Norway foiled unnamed (underage) arrested
11 April 2017 Dortmund, Germany attempted Sergej W. Joint Russian German national arrested
18 April 2017 Marseille, France foiled two arrests` arrested
20 April 2017 Champs Élysées, Paris, France executed Karim Cheurfi/Abu-Yusuf al-Baljiki (“the Belgian” identified via Amaq) dead
18 May 2017 Milan, Italy executed Ismail Tommaso Ben Yousef Hosni, 21 arrested
22 May 2017 Manchester Arena, Manchester executed Salman Abedi dead
03 June 2017 London Bridge/Borough Market executed Youssef Zaghba (22), Khuram Shazad Butt (27), and Rachid Redouane (aka Rachid Elkhdar) (30). all three dead
06 June 2017 Notre Dame hammer attack executed name not released condition unknown


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