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Borlänge : 14-year old girls ran away from home – both later raped by “Muslim refugee child

14-year old girls ran away from home – both later raped by “Muslim refugee child” Hussain

When two 14-year-old girls in Dalarna decided to run away from home, their adventure came to a brutal end when both of them ended up being violently raped by so-called “Muslim refugee child” Hussain, who manipulated them to their HVB home.

By – Brünnhilde

The Afghan Muslim rapist was previously convicted of assaulting females at the “Putte in the Park” festival when he was caught grabbing their chests – but the court at the time failed to expel him from the country.

It was in December 2017 that the two 14-year-old schoolmates decided to “adventure” together away from home.

They travelled to the rescue center in Rättvik, where they initially planned to spend the night. But when it became cold and dark, the Afghan refugee called Hussain appeared and persuaded the girls to sleep at his home.

After expressing some doubt, the girls agreed to go to the HVB home (a special residential home for immigrants) in Borlänge that the Afghans lived in. He told them to be silent so the staff would not discover that they were there.

Once they entered the room, Hussain started grabbing them and demanded that the girls kiss him.

He pushed the 14-year old girls into his bed, while the girls attempted vainly to escape the advances of Hussain by pushing against each other against the wall.

But it was useless – the Afghans managed to rape both of them, one by one, by holding them down with their body weight.

When the girls managed to get out of the HVB home, they contacted a relative who came to retrieve them. They were reportedly suffering from physical trauma and one girl was so shocked that she could not speak.

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The rapist Hussain had applied for asylum in Sweden on December 26, 2015 as one of the many single “child” refugees. He claimed to be 15 years old, but the Swedish Migration Board found that he was lying about his age and lab tests indicate he is actually an adult. The Afghan man’s asylum application was then rejected on December 8, 2017.

Despite the Migration Board already concluding that he is in fact an adult, Hussain received a mere one and a half years prison sentence by the Falun District Court, who judged him as an “18-year-old”. According to the judgment, the penalty value for “an older offender” is three years in prison. Hussain is also convicted of breaking windows in the HVB home and threatening a female social services officer. According to the verdict, he will be expelled – but only for five years.

However, it is not the first time that the Afghan landed in trouble in the court for his sexual assaults against Swedish girls. In December 2016 , Free Times wrote that a “16-year-old” refugee child had been convicted of intimidating a 14-year-old girl during the “Putte in Park” festival in the same summer.

Hussain, the festival sexual offender, who would then go on to brutally rape two 14-year old girls less than a year later, got away with only 35 hours of youth service at the time. He also escaped expulsion and was allowed to remain in Sweden to commit more sexual violence against underage girls.

The two girls in Dalarna as the Afghan rape are reportedly suffering from stress and trauma after the severe attack. Both are unable to attend school regularly and forced to take medication to be able to sleep.

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