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1 in 3 Swedish police officers have left the profession

Nearly three out of ten trained police officers have left the profession, according to a new survey conducted by Statistics Sweden on behalf of the magazine Du & jobb.

By – Brünnhilde

Of the 19,600 trained police officers based in Sweden during 2015, just over 70 percent remain in the profession. This also means that almost 5,900 trained police officers are now working in a different profession.

“This indicates that there is a large group that can be recruited, but both the salary and the working environment must be better,” says Lena Nitz, chairman of the police association to Du & job.

The survey also shows similar trends in other professions, such as teachers, social workers and nurses.

40,000 educated teachers have left the teaching profession and among educated vocational teachers, the statistics are the most severe with only 61 percent left in the profession.

The corresponding figure for nurses – that is, those who remain in the work force – is 79.9 percent, and for social workers the number remaining is only 56.4 percent.

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