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Would you shoot your $$$ dog?

He’s the spoiled teenage grandson of a Russian oligarch who is stooping to new lows to prove people will do anything for money – even ‘shoot’ a pet dog.

Sex-obsessed filmmaker Grigory Mamurin has sparked disgust with his series of videos showing showing him persuading people to drink his urine and flash their breasts for wads of cash.

The self-styled ‘Russian Spielberg’ mainly targets young women in his degrading videos and in his latest escapade, which was filmed secretly, he ‘bought’ someone’s girlfriend for the night.

Shocking: Grisha persuaded people to shoot a small dog - which he claimed belonged to a girl who dumped him. However the gun had been disabled and the dog was not harmed

Most have branded Mamurin – known as Grisha – ‘spoilt’ or a ‘brat’, but he claims he is only highlighting the frailties of human nature.

‘I’m not judging these people,’ he said. ‘I believe that they have circumstances or problems that would make them do that. I don’t know what I’d do if I had problems like that in my life.’

He has defied opposition from his wealthy grandfather Igor Neklyudov, who tried and failed to ground him.

His latest video shows him sitting in his parked Mercedes and brazenly asking a passing couple how much it would cost for him to have sex with the woman while her boyfriend sits and waits.

Grisha offers them 150,000 roubles (£1,550) and the man threatens to punch him. But it’s not long before the atmosphere changes and the boyfriend surprisingly begins to negotiate a price.

The unidentified man agrees to pimp out his girlfriend for £2,600 but insists on cash, rather than a bank transfer.

He settles the discussion by telling Grisha: ‘Let’s agree on this then. Without any toys or anything. Use a condom.’

The three then drive away to a hotel and what happens next is not shown, but Grisha strongly denies that any of his stunts are staged.


Grisha: Are you guys a couple or just friends? 

Man: Couple, why?

Grisha: How long have you been together? 

Man: Two years. 

Grisha: Cool, congratulations. I’m asking this because I have a very interesting offer for you. Don’t say anything yet, hear me out. I am ready to pay 150,000 roubles now, for you to agree I can have sex with you. 

Man: Are you ill? 

Woman: Oh my god! 

Man: Do you want me to beat you up? 

Grisha: No, let’s do it like this, I’m just offering, you can either refuse or agree. It’s not a joke. 150,000 is a small adventure for me and for you. I’m just offering. I’m not going to take her somewhere alone, let’s go together. 

Man: Do you want to do it in a car? 

Grisha: There is a hotel nearby. You can sit in the lobby, wait for a couple of hours at the very most.  

Man: So… I can [compromise myself] but 150,000 is too small. 250,000

Grisha: Okay, no problem. What else? 

Man: Do you have cash? 

Grisha: Yes, of course, in the car. 

Man: Not a transfer or something.

Grisha: No, of course, cash.

Man: Let’s agree on this then. Without any toys or anything similar. Use a condom.

The shocking scene is played out in a video which has been viewed 1.6million times.

Such excruciating exchanges are typical of the teenager’s attempts to find where fellow young Russians – a generation after the fall of communism – draw the line.

In an older video, the controversial filmmaker found men willing to let him kiss their girlfriends for between £30 and £200.

In another he finds people ready to sell him all the clothes they’re wearing, except for underwear, for between £100 and £310.

A low point – even for him – was parading around the world-famous Gorky Park in Moscow, finding people willing to be filmed drinking his urine.

‘Today we’ve come to Gorky Park to find out how much humiliation people are ready to experience for the sake of money,’ he said on the video.

Women rapidly flee the scene, but one man apparently agreed, tempted by the teenager’s endless pile of banknotes.

This stunt earned the prankster – who critics have labelled a ‘weirdo’ and ‘sick’ – more than four million viewers.

Recently, he found seven women willing to sell him the bras they were wearing for between £50 and £150. For an extra £50, one of them let him paint a US dollar sign on her forehead.

His other pranks include asking women to flash their breasts in public or undress in his limo, and persuading people to lick his shoe.

In one of his most shocking videos, he persuades people to shoot a dog. He tells them it belongs to his ex-girlfriend and he wants to get revenge on her for dumping him.

One of Grisha’s targets pulls the trigger, but the gun had been disabled.

‘Excuse me, can I have a minute of your time?’ he said in the video. ‘I have a problem. My girlfriend left me and her dog is still with me, she didn’t have time yet to take him.

‘I want revenge on her but I can’t do it myself. Will you kill the dog? I’m serious, I’m ready to pay for it.

‘Here, I’ll give you 5,000 roubles. I have a pneumatic gun. Just shoot a couple of times and walk away with the money.’

 Grisha Mamurin pays locals to pour tomato juice on themselves

A horrified woman askes him: ‘Are you an idiot?’

One man, demanding double the payment, said: ‘I won’t need a gun. Let’s just walk around the corner and I’ll just twist his neck or hit his head with a stone. Quickly.’

Someone else takes the gun and shoots the dog, but the pistol’s trigger had been disabled and nothing happens.

Grisha tells him to look at the hidden camera and explains it was a ‘social experiment’ which found that ‘unfortunately’ some people were willing to shoot the dog.

Last year, at the age of just 16, Grisha was filmed in a luxury hotel surrounded by beautiful and scantily-clad women who he then undresses while smoking a cigar.

In one sequence, he hits a woman with a whip and in another he pours a £200 bottle of Champagne on another woman’s naked breasts.

But the teenager seldom speaks about his stunts, and his three-times-married mother Larisa, who owns a chain of fitness centres, goes to some effort to keep him away from the press.

‘An interview must be agreed with Grigory’s mother,’ complained one Russian journalist.

‘How interesting. He is big enough to touch up girls online, but when it comes to talking to journalists, his mum has to be asked.’

Yet she and his indulgent grandfather Neklyudov – a 69-year-old business mogul in the Russian Far East – are failing to stop him.

‘No-one from my family has told me it’s time to stop the project,’ he said, once his family’s reservations became public.

‘Everyone knows what I’m doing and what sort of message I’m trying to send. I’ve explained to my family what moral lies behind the videos, but of course, grandpa didn’t approve of my activity.’

Outrageous prankster persuades girls to strip off and wash car

One Siberian MP, Oleg Smolin, has dubbed Grisha ‘a spiritual invalid’.

‘He treats his own people and his own peers as trash,’ he said. ‘But in fact he behaves exactly like this precise trash.’

Meanwhile pro-Putin TV and radio host Vladimir Soloviev warned last year: ‘This schoolboy took the subjects used in many modern reality shows.

‘We just did not think that this level of moral decay would reach children.’

He added that Russia has suffered from an ideological vacuum since the Soviet collapse.


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