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Norway’s Political Elites Cheer for Islam

If current levels of immigration continue, native Norwegians will be a minority in their own country within a few decades. In some parts of inner city Oslo, they are already a minority. Via: Fjordman              Ethnic Norwegians living in these areas are called “infidel whore.” Many feel as if they are strangers in what once was ...

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Scandinavia: The West’s Citadel of anti-Semitism

Hate for Israel has become a real obsession in Scandinavia, which revived the glorious partnership between the liberal “useful idiots” — the ones concerned about equality and minorities — and the Islamists, the ones concerned about submission and killing infidels”. Via: Despite the fact that Jews in Norway are only 0.003 percent of the total population, Oslo is now world’s ...

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Norway officials reject Muslim school in Oslo

A foundation that applied to establish a Muslim primary school in the Oslo district of Grønland was rejected by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (Utdanningsdirektoratet), Kommunal Rapport reported. The Muslim organization behind the denied request is now considering an appeal to the Education Ministry “We have three weeks to decide what to do. We think it is about ...

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Oslo Police Declare “We Have Lost the City”…Islam Has Taken Over

Police Officer Takes A Ten Year Look At Rape Violence In Oslo Grønland, a district in the city of Oslo that is said to have “apocalyptic level of culturally-enriched violence.” It is only two subway stops from the Parliament, one stop from the Central Station, and fairly close to the government offices that were bombed by Breivik. All Non-Aquaintence Rapes ...

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Tensions are rising in Scandinavia over Muslims immigration

OSLO-STOCKHOLM — Norwegian officials called the school guards “extra supervision.” Critics said the plan to post security personnel near an Oslo school in case of assaults by newly arrived refugees was an ugly euphemism for intolerance. Across the border in the far northern Swedish town of Kalix, a traditional bastion of center-left politics, more than 100 residents signed a petition ...

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