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Europe’s Muslims hate the West

The first reaction to the Brussels massacres among postmodern European intellectuals was predictable: What did we, Europeans, do to them, our Muslims? How could followers of a religion that is proudly called “the religion of peace” commit these kinds of atrocities? People like Peter Vandermeersch, the Belgian editor-in-chief of Dutch newspaper NRC-Handelsblad, and Belgian writer David Van Reybrouck, both accomplished ...

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Migration ‘has created 900 no-go areas in EU’

European cities including London are riven by lawless ‘no-go’ areas as a result of high migration, Hungary’s government has claimed. The British capital is named alongside cities such as Paris, Stockholm and Berlin as home to ‘more than 900’ areas where the authorities have ‘little or no control’. The extraordinary allegations are made on an official website aimed at hardening ...

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1.6 million migrants from the EU settle in Britain

More than 1.6 million migrants moved to Britain from within the EU in less than a decade. The astonishing figure – the equivalent to the populations of Manchester and Birmingham combined – settled here between 2006 and 2014, according to the UK Statistics Authority. It means an average of 500 people every day for nine years exercised their right to ...

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Fifty of the EU’s MOST DANGEROUS criminals slipped into Britain

Brexit campaigners claimed in a dossier of dangerous offenders who gained entry to Britain that 45 went on to commit crimes in the UK, including murder and rape. EU law does not require European states to automatically inform British authorities about their nationals’ criminal records, unless the offender is on the run from justice. Whereas people from outside the EU ...

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The deal, which will blow not only to the European Union

Not yet had time to dry the ink on the EU agreement with Turkey in Brussels explosions and Prime Minister of Poland, Szydlow Beata he exclaimed: “Twenty-eight European Union countries agreed to solve this problem with the relocation. However, I would say very bluntly: I do not see any possibility to accept migrants in Poland at the moment. ” Rushing ...

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Outrage as EU using OUR aid money to ‘meddle in the Middle East’

The EU has built more than 1,000 buildings on the Judea and Samaria without planning permission, as well as roads and other infrastructure  They are at 40 locations in Area C, which was placed under Israeli jurisdiction by international law  The buildings are given to Palestinians and paid for using aid money from European countries, including Britain Regavim, an Israeli ...

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