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Support Levels

Save my Sweden New’s Based In Sweden, Raising Awareness Of Islamic And Immigration Issues Affecting Europe And Beyond.

If you arrived this  page it’s like you like what we share, consider be a member in our cause.

We did all we can not come to the moment when we need support in our publications. But We use not any advertising, no jumping windows,  just come on in and enjoy your voyage.

Thanks to you guys we are busy 24/7 over the website and it’s social media component, We share with you all what we find interesting and of value.

If you liked reading, and you think that it is worth paying a few euros, then, just do it with a free choice of money protection money. Your help is needed, look at it as your way on the philanthropic consciousness.

Well We don’t know what we’ve been told, but many people say, that if you restart your internet line, our system might 4get you’ve been here B4. We share that with you guys so that if you do not like2  join our cause, maybe it’s a way not to please us. 🙂 

On the payment side, you can use paypal , which is the simplest and easiest way to pay for it on the card. Paypal can also be linked to an automated monthly donation:  Paypal

Please support our cause.

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