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New Expressen’s Requirements on Google: CENSOR Trump Löfven video

A clip uploaded on YouTube account shows how Donald Trump tells Stefan Löfven that Sweden has “problem with immigration”. Now Expressen has expressed outrage against the clip being shown to Youtube users.

By – Brünnhilde

The video, published on March 6, comes after the White House official broadcast by President Donald Trump’s press conference with Stefan Löfven.

“You have problems with immigration. It has caused problems in Sweden,”

announced Trump during the press conference.

Because the clip is popular (it has collected over 72,000 views), it appears recommended for other YouTube users because of site logarithms.

This has caused great anger at Bonniertidningen Expressen.

“Videos from Hatsajten Free Times have been chosen by Youtube as important and relevant to viewers – it quickly became one of the trending videos that plays automatically for those who search and view videos with Stefan Löfven,” Expressen writes in an article on Thursday.

The newspaper also regrets that people watching clips with Center Party leader Annie Lööf are then exposed to videos of the Swedish Democrats election film on Youtube.

“There is often a hidden and dirty agenda behind a lot of these cliffs that figure,” Expressen has managed to get Annie Lööf to say.

Bonnier magazines have been aggressively pushing Google for nearly two weeks to drive the American network giant to introduce tougher political censorship.

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