Friday , 22 June 2018
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Japan’s secret spy agency headquarters for the Directorate for Signals Intelligence

EVERY WEEK IN Tokyo’s Ichigaya district, about three miles northeast of the bright neon lights and swarming crowds in the heart of Shibuya, a driver quietly parks a black sedan-style car outside a gray office building. Before setting off on a short, 10-minute drive south, he picks up a passenger who is carrying an important package: top-secret intelligence reports, destined for ...

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Japan to curb asylum seekers’ right to work from Monday

X ADCHOICES IDENTIFIED Japan will limit asylum seekers’ right to work from Monday, making changes to its refugee system that are likely to swell the numbers of those in detention centers, the justice ministry said, prompting refugee groups to flag humanitarian concerns. By – The move to tighten one of the developed world’s toughest refugee systems, which accepted just 10 ...

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Japan Refuse To Allow In Muslim ‘REFUGEES’, Their Reasoning Why? … BRILLlANT!

Japan must improve the living standards of its own people before it can consider accepting Syrian refugees, the prime minister, Shinzo Abe said, as he announced $1.6bn in new assistance for Syrians and Iraqis caught up in conflicts in the Middle East. Abe’s consistent refusal to consider allowing even a modest number of refugees to relocate to Japan has prompted ...

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Digital data of vagina obscene, but vagina-shaped art OK, Japanese court rules

A Tokyo court ruled Monday that vagina-shaped objects created by a Japanese artist qualify as art, but found her guilty of obscenity for distributing digital data that could be used to make a three-dimensional recreation of her genitalia. Tokyo District Court ordered Megumi Igarashi, also known as Rokudenashiko, or good-for-nothing girl, to pay a 400,000 yen ($4.800) fine for distributing ...

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Next Tokyo will be Japan’s first anti-tsunami city

There are plans to build an extraordinary one mile high (5,577ft) skyscraper in a new Japanese ‘mega city’ being dubbed ‘Next Tokyo’ (pictured)  The Sky Mile Tower would be more than twice the size as the current tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands at 2,717ft high. The ‘mega skyscraper’ is expected to house 55,000 ...

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