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April, 2018

  • 8 April

    Syria chemical weapons: At least 70 dead in gas attack

    Rescuers and medics say at least 70 people have died in Syria in a suspected gas attack in Douma, the last rebel-held town in Eastern Ghouta. By – Volunteer rescue force the White Helmets tweeted graphic images showing several bodies in basements. It said the death toll is likely to rise. There has been no independent verification of the reports. ...

  • 7 April

    Turkish agents kidnapped dozens of its citizens in 18 countries

    Turkey’s intelligence agency has seized at least 80 Turkish nationals from multiple countries as part of its efforts to hunt suspects with alleged links to a 2016 coup attempt, a senior Turkish official said Thursday. By – Erin Cunningham  Speaking to a private news channel, Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said Turkish agents had launched operations in 18 countries to pursue ...

  • 1 April

    ISIS-inspired Terrorist Attack in the South of France

    On March 23, 2018, a terrorist carried out an ISIS-inspired shooting and bargaining attack in a village near the city of Carcassonne in the South of France. Four people were shot to death in the attack, three of them when the terrorist took control of a supermarket in the village of Trèbes near Carcassonne. Another 15 people were wounded by the terrorist.  By ...

March, 2018

  • 27 March

    Turkey Destroy Fundamental Right, Becoming More of a DICTATORSHIP

    Today, news broke that Turkey’s government destroyed one of its citizens’ most fundamental rights. The country is added to a growing list of unchecked dictatorships around the world. By – Adam Casalino If we don’t defend our freedoms, they will be taken away. Each generation must stand up for their God-given rights. Governments across the globe daily seek to erode our ...

  • 21 March

    Turkey has definitely become a rogue regime

    When the Clinton administration formulated the notion of rogue regime, they defined it as a country that embraced terrorism, was governed by an undemocratic cabal, and did not abide by the norms of diplomacy. Just how much of a rogue regime has Turkey become? By – Michael Rubin  Under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s turn toward terrorism is well-established. Turkey supports Hamas unabashedly, the ...

  • 15 March

    Saudi crown prince: Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei is “very much like Hitler”

    Saudi Arabia’s crown prince tells Norah O’Donnell his country would get its own nuclear bomb as soon as possible if Iran were to develop a nuclear weapon. Prince Mohammed bin Salman spoke to O’Donnell,  co-host of CBS This Morning, for his first American television interview.  By – An excerpt from the interview, in which the crown prince also compares Iran‘s ...

  • 15 March

    Muslim Inbreeding is a Huge Problem–And People Don’t Want to Talk About It

    Recently I was discussing culture with an educated person whom I respect. Over bourbon, we talked about various matters, including religion. The conversation was interesting but uneventful until he dropped this line. by – Jon Miltimore “You do know half of the Arab world is inbred, right?” It was a jarring line. It sounded both coarse and false. I politely answered ...

February, 2018

  • 27 February

    #MosqueMeToo Gives Muslim Women A Voice About sexual assault At Mecca

    Dressed in a hijab and covered from head to toe, she felt something. Someone — a man — had grabbed onto her butt and would not let go. By – Malaka Gharib The Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, called hajj, was supposed to be the holiest moment of Mona Eltahawy’s life. When she was 15, she journeyed there with her family. ...

  • 26 February

    Increasing of Muslim Persecution of Christians

    “They get paid for every Coptic Christian girl they bring in. In some cases, police provide the kidnappers with drugs they seize. The drugs are then given to the girls to weaken their resistance… I even know of cases in which police offered helped to beat up the girls to make them recite the Islamic creed.” — World Watch Monitor, Egypt; ...

  • 21 February

    Tillerson leaves military response to Syrian chemical attacks on the table

    THE bombardment of Syria’s rebel-held eastern Ghouta area near Damascus by pro-government forces has killed 250 people in the 48 hours since Sunday night, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday. By – Max Greenwood Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has suggested a U.S. military response to the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons remains on the table. “President Trump has already ...