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April, 2016

  • 27 April

    The Palestinian Authority is deceiving Western donor countries

    This special report by Palestinian Media Watch reveals a major fraud by the Palestinian Authority, through which it is reaping more than a billion dollars in foreign aid yearly. In 2014, the PA announced that in order to continue receiving more than a billion dollars in financial support annually, it was acceding to US and European donor countries’ demands that ...

  • 27 April

    Islamic State Demolishes Iconic ‘Clock Church’ in Mosul

    In their ongoing rampage against all things Christian, Islamic State jihadists have blown up the historic “Clock Church” in the center of Mosul, one of the most recognizable features of the city which could be seen from miles around. The distinctive bell tower with the clock had been given to Iraqi Christians by the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. The ...

  • 24 April

    Lebanon, Christians, Under Islamist Threat

    Islamic jihadist groups are threatening Lebanese Christians and demanding that they submit to Islam. Lebanon’s Christians, descendants of Aramaic Syriacs, were the majority in the country a mere 100 years ago. Saad Hariri, a Sunni Muslim politician supported by Saudi Arabia, has invited every Lebanese party to his office to sign a document confirming that Lebanon is an Arab state. ...

  • 24 April

    Inside Iran April, 2016

    Main Points For the first time since regular Iranian army forces began deploying in Syria, seven special force officers were killed. In addition, during the past two weeks at least six more Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) fighters were killed. The Iranian commander of the ground forces said that deploying Iranian “advisors” from the regular army and the IRGC was ...

  • 14 April

    Migrant crisis: EU says Libya numbers alarming

    The president of the European Council has warned Italy and Malta of large numbers of would-be migrants in Libya. Donald Tusk told MEPs that it would not be possible to apply the same approach used for the Balkans to unstable Libya. Italy’s coastguard says 4,000 people were rescued from the Mediterranean between Libya and Sicily on Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile, ...

  • 13 April

    ISIS Has Hit List of Western Muslim Leaders

    The latest issue (number 14) of the Islamic State’s propaganda magazine, Dabiq, published April 13, contains a hitlist of Muslim leaders in the West, specifically naming 21. A 22nd (Nihad Awad of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Council on American Islamic Relations) is pictured, but not named. Those whom the Islamic State is targeting are listed in a section entitled “Kill the ...

  • 12 April

    Turkey: The Business of Refugee Smuggling, Sex Trafficking

    Professional criminals convince parents that their daughters are going to a better life in Turkey. The parents are given 2000-5000 Turkish liras ($700-$1700) as a “bride price” — an enormous sum for a poor Syrian family. “Girls between the ages of twelve and sixteen are referred to as pistachios, those between seventeen and twenty are called cherries, twenty to twenty-two ...

  • 11 April

    Gulf Arab States Close Doors to Syrian Refugees

    In this cartoon from the Saudi daily Makkah, a man in Arab Gulf attire points a refugee to a door with an EU flag, shouting, “Why don’t you let them in, you discourteous people?!” U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has surfaced, once again to lecture the Anglosphere and the Western world about its “duties” to hurriedly absorb nearly half ...

  • 11 April

    British Muslim leaders wage war on Isis propaganda in UK mosques and homes

    Leading British Muslims have admitted a propaganda battle against Islamic State is now being fought in their own mosques and communities. While the Islamic State’s ability to disseminate its propaganda online and through social media is well documented, faith leaders in the UK have said they are fighting the terror group’s ideology on their own doorsteps. “In their eyes this is ...

  • 9 April

    Egypt, Saudi Arabia sign 60 billion Saudi riyal investment fund pact

    Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement late on Saturday to set up a 60 billion Saudi riyal investment fund among other investment agreements including an economic free-zone to develop Egypt’s Sinai region, Egyptian state television reported. The signing of the agreements took place in Egypt’s Abdeen palace in the presence of Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Saudi’s King ...