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March, 2018

  • 15 March

    Muslim Inbreeding is a Huge Problem–And People Don’t Want to Talk About It

    Recently I was discussing culture with an educated person whom I respect. Over bourbon, we talked about various matters, including religion. The conversation was interesting but uneventful until he dropped this line. by – Jon Miltimore “You do know half of the Arab world is inbred, right?” It was a jarring line. It sounded both coarse and false. I politely answered ...

February, 2018

  • 27 February

    #MosqueMeToo Gives Muslim Women A Voice About sexual assault At Mecca

    Dressed in a hijab and covered from head to toe, she felt something. Someone — a man — had grabbed onto her butt and would not let go. By – Malaka Gharib The Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, called hajj, was supposed to be the holiest moment of Mona Eltahawy’s life. When she was 15, she journeyed there with her family. ...

  • 26 February

    Increasing of Muslim Persecution of Christians

    “They get paid for every Coptic Christian girl they bring in. In some cases, police provide the kidnappers with drugs they seize. The drugs are then given to the girls to weaken their resistance… I even know of cases in which police offered helped to beat up the girls to make them recite the Islamic creed.” — World Watch Monitor, Egypt; ...

  • 21 February

    Tillerson leaves military response to Syrian chemical attacks on the table

    THE bombardment of Syria’s rebel-held eastern Ghouta area near Damascus by pro-government forces has killed 250 people in the 48 hours since Sunday night, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday. By – Max Greenwood Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has suggested a U.S. military response to the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons remains on the table. “President Trump has already ...

  • 14 February

    U.S. funding of Syrian YPG militia will impact Turkey’s Ottoman slap

    A U.S. decision to continue funding the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia will affect Turkey’s future moves, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday ahead of a visit this week by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. By –  Ercan Gurses & Daren Butler U.S. officials have said that Tillerson expects to have difficult conversations when he visits Turkey on Thursday and Friday, given that the ...

  • 12 February

    Iran: Acting North Korean, Speaking Swedish

    For the past decade, February, part of which coincides with the month of Bahman on the Iranian calendar, has been marked by febrile political activities in Iran under the Khomeinist regime. February 1 marks the anniversary of the late ayatollah’s return to Tehran after 16 years in exile. And February 11, regarded as the crescendo of the Iranian Revolution, marks ...

  • 4 February

    Chilling moment smiling ISIS child soldier is given an AK47 rifle by his teacher

    Photos show boys in ‘ISIS terrorist training school’ in Damascus, Syria ISIS has been defeated in Iran and controls small territories in Syria  Published by desperate propaganda machine to give off appearance of power  By – Matthew Acton and Sara Malm Shocking images from one of the Islamic State’s terrorist training camps for children show pre-teen boys being awarded AK47 assault rifles ...

January, 2018

  • 24 January

    99.99% of Muslims are Peaceful

    Have you ever wondered what percentage of Muslims are peaceful?  Thirty percent?  Fifty?  Seventy?  Eighty? Wrong! The actual number is 99.99%! By – Ed Straker That comes from an op-ed-writer at the New York Times named Mustafa Umar, an imam of the Islamic Institute of Orange County, California. Iman Umar, or “Sheik,” as he is called by his congregants, writes how his congregation has been terrorized by ...

  • 23 January

    The long hunt for Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

    Day and night for the past three years, an unprecedented number of the world’s spies have zeroed in on a patch of Iraq and Syria to hunt for one man. Their target, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State terrorist group, has eluded them all. But only just. By – Martin Chulov The most wanted man on the planet has ...

  • 17 January

    Middle East Christians on the Eve of Destruction

    Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinian territories are amongst the most dangerous places on earth for Christians, according to a new report. By – Simon Kent  Although Christians claim the area as their Biblical heartland alongside Israel, persecution and discrimination, especially in the past 15 years, means they now constitute no more than three to four per cent per cent of the region’s population, down from ...