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February, 2017

  • 26 February

    Egypt’s CHRISTIANS Flee Sinai Amid IS Killing Spree

    Christian families and students fled Egypt’s North Sinai province in droves on Friday after Islamic State killed the seventh member of their community in just three weeks. Via:  A Reuters reporter saw 25 families gathered with their belongings in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia’s Evangelical Church and church officials said 100 families, out of around 160 in North Sinai, ...

  • 23 February

    InSide the Global Jihad February 23, 2017

    On February 19, 2017, the Iraqi forces, with US and coalition air support, opened the offensive to liberate west Mosul. The Iraqi forces opened the attack on Mosul’s western and southern outskirts. In the city of Al-Bab, northeast of Aleppo, fighting continues. Via: Main events of the week On February 19, 2017, the Iraqi forces, with US and coalition ...

  • 14 February

    Syrian government forces used chemical weapons in Aleppo

    Syrian government forces used chemical weapons in opposition-controlled parts of Aleppo during battles to retake the city late last year, Human Rights Watch said in a report published on Monday. Via:  The findings add to mounting evidence of the use of banned chemical weapons in the six-year-old  and could strengthen calls by Britain, France and the United States for sanctions ...

  • 7 February

    13,000 secretly hanged in Syrian jail, says Amnesty

    As many as 13,000 opponents of Bashar al-Assad were secretly hanged in one of Syria’s most infamous prisons in the first five years of the country’s civil war as part of an extermination policy ordered by the highest levels of the Syrian government, according to Amnesty International.  Via: Many thousands more people held in Saydnaya prison died through torture ...

  • 2 February

    Kuwait issues its own Trump-esque visa ban for five Muslim-majority countries

    Citizens from five Muslim-majority countries will no longer be able to obtain Kuwaiti visas, after reports the Gulf state issued tight entry restrictions that mirrored US President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. Via: Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis and Afghans will not be able to obtain visit, tourism or trade Kuwaiti visas with the news coming one day after the US slapped its ...

  • 1 February

    Inside Iran February 1, 2017

    Main Points Via: The Astana talks on the future of Syria ended on January 24, 2017. Iran, Russia and Turkey agreed to establish a joint mechanism to oversee the Syrian ceasefire. They issued a statement at the end of the talks stressing their countries’ commitment to preserving Syria’s territorial integrity, continuing the joint struggle against ISIS and the Fateh al-Sham ...

January, 2017

  • 28 January

    “Normal” Treatment of Middle Eastern Women

    Crimes against Humanity: “Normal” Treatment of Middle Eastern Women Via: Mullahs seem to prefer protecting inhuman laws to protecting humans. Most full coverings for women are black, which absorbs heat, and are made not of cotton but of non-porous cloth – in the scorching heat. In a province of Indonesia, Aceh, a woman, accused of being intimate with her boyfriend ...

  • 26 January

    Trump’s migrant crackdown: will block visas issued to citizens of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen

    President Donald Trump will start rolling out executive actions on immigration Wednesday – beginning with an order to start building his wall along the border with Mexico. Via:   The president is also expected to take action over the next few days to temporarily ban immigration from Muslim countries deemed a ‘threat to national security’ – namely Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, ...

  • 26 January

    Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia.

    SYRIA From the outside looking in, Syria appears to be a hornet’s nest of terrorist groups and non-state actors. A number of these organizations have been fighting the forces loyal to President Bashar Assad in a bloody civil war that has cost the lives of an estimated 500,000 people. They include Islamic State (ISIS), a jihadist group that has also ...

  • 24 January

    Iran’s Children of Wars

    The children, as young as eight years old, are trained to hate the US and Israel and to attack their enemies in the West, as well as to oppose Western values. Via:  Iran’s actions are a direct violation of international humanitarian law that is defined as a war crime by the International Criminal Court. According to the United Nations, “Human ...